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Top 10 Reasons You Should Try Cycling

Talk about exercise and fitness routines, and most people will not talk about an activity that is actually quite the obvious choice: cycling. Cycling or road cycling, which is essentially just riding a bicycle, is one of the best forms of exercise because it is a good combination of cardio and strength and resistance training. Take a look at some of the best health reasons for cycling.


1. Low-Impact Exercise 

Cycling is low-impact, especially road cycling in relatively smooth terrain. Therefore, it is a good exercise for people who may have joint problems or other physical challenges that get in the way of doing other activities.


2. Uses All Major Muscle Groups

Biking requires the use of all of the major muscle groups in the body. Very few types of activity are capable of delivering such a full-body workout for your muscular system.


3. Improves Bodily Coordination and Posture

Riding a bike is something that requires you to use proper posture and coordination just to maintain your balance and operate the bicycle. Therefore, by riding a bike regularly, you can see better posture and coordination abilities.


4. Burns Body Fat

Cycling is an excellent fat-burning exercise. The combination of cardiovascular activity and a muscular workout may drive up the metabolic rate to encourage your body to burn more fat.


5. Good for Your Bones

Cycling is not considered a weight-bearing exercise, but it does help strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues that protect and support the functions of your skeletal system. Therefore, regular cycling may also be good for your bones.


6. Boosts Muscle Flexibility and Strength

Regular cycling builds muscle strength, but it also helps to keep the body more limber and flexible. The required repetitive motions deter inflammation and improve joint strength.


7. Lowers the Risks of Certain Types of Cancer

While more research needs to be done, at least one study has shown that some types of cancer may have lower risks among people who cycle. Specifically, the chances of breast and bowel cancer are reduced.


8. Reduces Risks of Type 2 Diabetes

People who rode a bike for at least 30 minutes a day in one Danish study actually reduced their risks of developing type 2 diabetes by around 40 percent.


9. Supports Your Mental Health

Road cycling is especially good for your mental health. Exercise on its own helps to generate the production of endorphins, but riding a bike may actually help deter instances of stress, depression, and even anxiety.


10. Strengthens Your Heart

In one Danish study, cyclers were less prone to heart disease. This is because riding a bike forces you to work out your lungs and circulatory system, in addition to your heart.

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Audra Shellington
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