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The Benefits of Yoga with
7 Beginner Yoga Poses

The Benefits of Yoga

Ever tried yoga? If not, this form of low-intensity exercise with stretches and unique movements may be something to consider for weight loss or a lifestyle change. Here is a closer look. 


Weight Loss

Yoga may seem like it is low intensity with stretches and poses. However, once you do some of the beginner exercises, you can see that it does take physical effort to hold the poses. This does burn calories, which means that yoga can be a good tool to use in your weight loss journey when it is part of your daily routine. Of course, it works best when paired with a good nutrition plan and exercise regimen. 

Flexibility and Strength

Yoga is shown to increase blood flow to the muscles and joints, but it also helps to stretch muscles that you may not normally use. Over time, this helps you build up a more flexible body that retains balance easily. In addition, yoga helps to build muscles throughout your body. Even though you are only supporting your own body weight, the resistance of that weight can truly help build strength. 

Mental Health  

Yoga has been shown to be really good for your mental health. It helps to deter stress and uplift your mood while helping you build a more positive body image. The focus on your breathing that is required helps get you into a meditative state. Some research even shows that yoga may help you sleep better at night and avoid waking up through the night. 



1. Downward Dog

  • Create a “V” with your body with feet flat on the floor, hands flat, and butt up
  • Straighten your legs as much as possible
  • Keep head between your arms


2. Warrior II

  • Take a staggered stance with feet several feet apart
  • Hold arms parallel to the mat
  • Bend one knee to about 90 degrees while holding the other straight


3. Mountain Pose

  • Stand with feet together and toes spread
  • Point tailbone downward
  • Tilt face upward and reach hands toward the ceiling


4. Crescent Lunge

  • One leg stepped forward, other stretched behind you
  • Back straight
  • Reach your arms to the ceiling


5. Plank Pose

  • On all fours, raise your knees from the floor and push arms straight
  • Body forms a long line
  • Palms flat, core tightened, and head looking down


6. Upward-Facing Dog

  • Pelvis down, weight supported by the top of your feet and palms
  • Arms are straightened and chest held high off the floor
  • Tilt your head to the ceiling to open the chest


7. Tree

  • Right foot held flat to inner thigh
  • Right leg turned out slightly
  • Palms pressed together at chest
TC1 | The Benefits of Yoga with 7 Beginner Yoga Poses


You don’t necessarily have to take a yoga class to reap the benefits of yoga. When you have the right accessories at home and a little guidance from online resources, you can definitely do a lot of the exaercises on your own. Be sure to check out our accessories to grab a yoga mat or our yoga basics bundle