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Thanksgiving Food Swaps

TC1 | Thanksgiving Food Swaps


thanks giving

This time of year is meant to be enjoyed with those you love. Some of us are okay with gaining a little bit of weight at the cost of indulging and not restricting our food choices for a couple days. However if this isn’t you, don’t worry, you are far from alone.

For those of us who choose to count calories Thanksgiving day, you might feel a tremendous amount of stress as you’ll likely be subject to an excess amount of tempting dishes and desserts.

While visiting loved ones should take priority here, if fat loss is your goal, there’s going to be a question mark in your mind as to how you’ll stay on track with your diet.

If you’re in charge of dinner, you’re in luck as this article will hopefully give you tons of ideas on how you can save your whole family calories this Thanksgiving.

In today’s article, we’re going through some fundamental food swaps you can make to cut calories while still enjoying the meal. Let’s get started!



Grilled Turkey instead of Fried Turkey
150 calories vs 200 calories
Turkey Breast without Skin instead of Dark Meat with Skin
100 calories vs 150 calories
Mashed Cauliflower instead of Mashed Potatoes
1 cup
60 calories vs 200 calories
Mashed Sweet Potatoes instead of  Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes
1 cup
150 calories vs 560 calories
Green Beans with Fried Onions instead of Green Bean Casserole
1 cup
90 calories vs 230 calories
Real Cranberry Sauce instead of Cranberry Jelly
¼ cup
70 calories vs 120 calories
Pumpkin Pie instead of Pecan Pie
⅛ slice of 9” pie
270 calories vs 800 calories

thanks giving

Hopefully you’re able to work out a deal with your family so everyone’s happy.

If you’re not the chef though, and your loved one is hosting, take a deep breath.

You can and should try to enjoy the time you have with those close to you. Ultimately, this is what’s important.

You can enjoy Thanksgiving and indulge if you choose to. Regardless of how many calories you eat, try to remember one meal will not set you back that far. There are plenty of hacks you can rely on to mitigate cravings and exercise self control – keep an eye out for that article coming soon!

Don’t forget to bring your TC1 Greens and Protein with you if you’re spending Thanksgiving on the road. You’ll be happy you remembered as a little extra protein will help keep you feel and preserve your lean body mass.

If you have any other food swaps you rely on for holiday dinners, be sure to tag us in your posts so we can share them with the TC1 family.

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