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TC1 Replacement Toothbrush Heads



About the product

  • Scope of supply: 2 pieces plaque control & gum healthy brush heads.
  • Optimal plaque control & gum healthy: Up to 7x more plaque removal defending against gingivitis for oral hygiene and health.
  • Exceptional Clean. The snap-on brush head features powerful tufts to clean deeply for hard to reach areas along your gum line and offers a comfortable brushing experience for you and your family.
  • Reminder Bristles: Blue reminder soft bristles fade in color to remind you it is time for a replacement. Replace your brush head every 3 months for optimal result as recommended by the American Dental Association.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

1 review for TC1 Replacement Toothbrush Heads

  1. happy dude

    The last time I went to the Dentist they asked if I use an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush. My answer was manual and they grimaced and said “We prefer electric!” and proceeded to offer me their toothbrush for some crazy amount of money. That’s when I remembered seeing the tc1 electric toothbrush on tc1 after buying the gel and belt. I figured I would try it out for a third of the price since the dentist recommended it. Glad I did becuase it works great and after getting the extra heads for the rest of the family they like it too and it stays charged for all of us to use it. Thanks tc1 for the awesome products.

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