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Our probiotics contain live cultures (refrigerate after opening!) to boost your immune system, restore gut balance and provide the trace nutrients your body needs to feel your best.

Natural ingredients means our products do have an expiration date, so we’re discounting all jars of TC1 probiotics to make sure we get them to you while they last. Save 50% when you buy today. Use by February 2022.

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Probiotics are health-promoting bacteria found in supplement form and in some foods. Taking probiotics may help increase the number of beneficial bacteria that reside in your gut.
TC1 Probiotics are packed with 100 billion probiotics made from non-GMO ingredients and are soy free and gluten free. Scientifically formulated with micro-nutrients and designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

  • Healthier Immune System

TC1 Probiotics may help give your immune system a boost

  • Healthier Digestive System

Probiotics are live microorganisms which may help restore the natural balance of gut bacteria. As a result, health benefits may follow.

  • Gives Your Body What it Needs

Improves circulation to help deliver trace nutrients to each cell of the body.

Refrigerate after opening!

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