• TC1 Workout Gel used during workouts to help with warm up and recovery. See more sweat and feel more heat with every workout.
  • TC1 Sweat Belt used to lock in the heat and sweat.
  • TC1 Sculpting Gel used to help build collagen to tighten and smooth skin over time.

Sweat more, burn more.

  • Rub it on any muscle group you plan to focus on 15 to 20 minutes before you start exercising.
  • The heat from the Capsaicin will help keep them warm and loose through your workout so you are less prone to injury and get better recovery.
  • This will also put your whole body into a thermogenic state, helping you sweat more and burn more while you work out!
  • When used with the sweat belt, you lock in sweat and intensify the heat to help you get that waterfall of sweat and satisfaction at the end of a great workout!

Create a satisfying waterfall of sweat around your midsection.

  • Increases your core temperature during exercise by enhancing thermogenic activity and sweat.
  • Locks in the gel and captures the sweat
  • Contoured to fit around your waist comfortably, naturally flexible.
  • Made with premium latex-free neoprene for superior heat insulation.
  • Inner lining will not only repel moisture absorption but also limit slipping and bunching during your workout.
    Easy to clean.
  • SIZING: The dimensions of the regular belt are 41 inches long and 7 ½ inches wide. Fits Men and Women sizes X Small to X Large. *ALL SALES FINAL
    The dimensions of the larger belt are 10 inches wide X 51 inches long. Fits Men and Women sizes X Large to XXX Large . *ALL SALES FINAL
    The belt is naturally flexible to comfortably fit around your waist.  Adjusts to all shapes and sizes.

Tone skin and defy aging.

  • Helps rebuild dermal structure of the skin and lifts saggy skin
  • Smooths lines and wrinkles by firming up the skin
  • Increases thickness and density of the skin to smooth out wrinkles
  • Enhances the strength of the skin
  • Improves the structural properties of the skin
  • Stimulates the production of collagen



  1. Laura (verified owner)

    Love this product!! I purchase the tc1 first without the belt and I wouldn’t sweat as much.
    But when I purchased the bundle with TC1 Sweat belt is dripping in sweat! I love this product! And I’ve been applying sculpt post workout and before bed! I can already feel the difference!
    Recommend this product 100%

  2. Cindy Vasquez (verified owner)

    I would just like to say this stuff is amazing! I love it. It also helps for stretch-marks disappear. I bought the bundle including the sculpt and I am amazed with my results. Highly recommend!!

  3. Kelly J McCabe (verified owner)

    I’m writing this review a lil early, I’ve only been using the sculpting gel a week, and the heat less,only during workouts. But I can attest to the fact that the heat is exactly that! It really makes you sweat! I just hope its adding to me sweating away the lbs I want to lose I will update as I progress. Now the sculpting gel I use twice daily on to areas that need some firmness. I don’t really notice a difference, but iam giving it some time, there is no feeling of tightening or firming, so once im done with the jar we will see. I’m optimistic and hoping for the best, not expecting miracles just hoping for a lil help with my hard work I’m putting in. The belt that comes with the 3pc I purchased is great with the heat and I use it every workout.

  4. Lupe (verified owner)

    I’ve been working on just toning and with just using this for 2 weeks I can start seeing/ feeling the results. I got the bundle and I’m glad I did!

  5. Steve R. (verified owner)

    Both great products. The TC1 gel definitely works, you can feel it right away and will notice a difference! The sculpting gel also pairs well. Recommend both items.

  6. Jessica (verified owner)

    I wish the belt fit better. It’s lose and doesn’t fit right.

  7. Yasmine Q. (verified owner)

    Gel has definitely helped keep my body sweating during workouts. Highly recommend!

  8. Kiwibird (verified owner)

    So far so good. I have only been using the sculpting gel about a week and the workout gel just shy of a week but I am happy with the progress I already see.

  9. Julia Zesk (verified owner)

    I was really worried that this product wouldn’t work, but it proved me wrong the very first workout. I could feel it working and see physical results immediately. I love this product so much and would recommend to anyone!

  10. Jahbari Jones (verified owner)

    I am pleased with this product!! I use it everytime I go to workout, which is Mon, Wed, Fri. I sweat immensely and also feel the thermogenic burn!! Execellent product!!

  11. Jess (verified owner)

    Great stuff!! It really turns on the heat. I rarely sweat but I definitely do now! The burn really pushes me to work harder. I will definitely buy again.

  12. Taylor (verified owner)

    This stuff is incredible! You instantly work up a tremendous sweat with the heat gel and the belt combined, and you just feel good when you’re done! You actually get to see your progress which is always rewarding.

  13. Zeehlu Yang (verified owner)

    I am absolutely in love with this product. The heat gel and the belt combined. Gives you a good sweat in your trouble areas when working out. The progress you see is amazing and so rewarding.

  14. Nichi (verified owner)

    This package deal is worth it. I couldn’t believe the results even a week makes. The product takes away the appearance of fat ripples and pockets on the stomach. The belt makes your stomach retract as you wear it, leaving the sweat and natural toning.

  15. Kimberly (verified owner)

    This product help take my workout to the next level, absolutely love!!!

  16. Sheena (verified owner)

    Love this wrap, and the fact that I can feel the sweat dripping down while working out is great! only downfall for me is that it doesnt stay in place very well, not sure if I’m using too much gel or what the deal is….It wont stop me from wearing it tho 🙂

  17. Jesi Ccencho (verified owner)

    The workout gel is very helpful. It actually works especially when you are working out, make sure you put it 15-20 minutes before working out so you feel the effect. The sculpting gel has lift saggy skin (slowly but surely). I can definitely see the difference. I’ve started using this item since September 2019 and it has done wonders. I do recommend to get the bundle package so you can see the results a bit more. Overall, this product is AMAZING!

  18. Kayla (verified owner)

    I am so blown away by this product. I’ll definitely keep buying from this company.

  19. Sonia flores (verified owner)

    Really work..

  20. Victoria (verified owner)

    I am a college student that works full time. I use the gel when I walk my dogs and when I have time for my workouts. I absolutely love this gel!!!! I used to hate working out because I felt it didn’t do anything until I used this product.

  21. A Dirks (verified owner)

    I am in love with the sculpting gel and workout gel!! The workout gel definitely works and the sculpting I’m giving a full month to decide but so far I’m loving it! I will absolutely keep buying not only these two products but I want to try more!!

  22. Jennifer Aguilera-Huerta (verified owner)

    So I did not have any doubts at all but me trying to lose weight and do anything I bought this product. I put it on and went to my work out. Little did I know that after the 15 min basically it was going to start warming up. It was pretty cool. I did sweat a lot, however I took a shower right after which was not a very comfortable feeling as it was like a small burning sensation. Not sure how long we should wait to take a shower this is maybe one of the not so great part of it cause I don’t want to be sweaty for that long. Any how it worked, it definitely warmed up my core area. I really liked it. Actually after I felt it heating up I worked out longer. I am a happy camper. Good Luck to all

  23. Carey Nunn (verified owner)

    I love this product! It is absolutely amazing & I am telling everyone about how great this product is and the finally there is a product on the market that works. I give this product 10 stars! ⭐️

  24. Nicole (verified owner)

    I live this product. It smells great, really heats up and makes my abdomen sweat like mad! I can truly see a difference. I’m recommending to friends??. Thank you for a great product!

  25. Erika Webb (verified owner)

    I just starting to use this product brought the bundle but so far I’m not seeing any different in my stomach I’m been using it for 4 weeks now ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  26. Maria Alonso (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my belt and my workout gel and sculpting gel after I’m done and it’s been treating me so well! I’m in love!! ❤️

  27. Casaundra Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my belt and my workout gel for almost a year now I couldn’t be more happier it helps me sweat more witch is hard for me no matter how hard I would go I could never really sweat but using this I drip ? and love it!!
    I Just started the sculpting gel last week but I have heard really good things about it so I’m excited ❤️

  28. Nina (verified owner)

    This is my first time buying and using this product. I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks now but so far I am liking it. Definitely helps to sweat more. The sculpting gel seems to be working a bit so far. I’ll see if there are any major changes once I have finished this first jar and go from there.

  29. Kayla (verified owner)

    I love both gels!! I absolutely love the belt. The sweat is ridiculous and I only do 30 min home workouts. Definitely glad I purchased!!!

  30. Danielle Hicks (verified owner)

    I have always had a problem with my tummy area. I’ve been using TC1 gel for a week and a half and I’ve already lost 5 inches around my waist! I love the way it heats up and makes me swear more than before. Thank you for this wonderful product!

  31. Alissa Simino (verified owner)

    Legit LOVE LOVE LOVE this package. I am finally seeing my abs! Not to mention every workout now is a HUGE sweat sesh. I wish I would have purchased this earlier. I definitely will be buying more gels and another belt!

  32. Katherine (verified owner)

    I’ve never sweat so much in my life. Puddles of sweat when I take the belt off. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and I work out almost daily for 90 plus minutes. Seeing results already on my belly and hips. Thank you TC1!

  33. Carina (verified owner)

    I’ve tried sweet sweat before TC1 & the sweat is intense with TC1. I definitely feel the burn while I’m working out. When I do take my belt off, there’s a literal puddle of sweat that will splash off. I feel like this helps me shred a lot of water weight that i can retain.

  34. Sophia (verified owner)

    I’ve found that the gel takes a while to heat up for me..but once it starts working it definitely burns and I sweat a lot! Overall great product! not sure why it takes a while for me to feel the heat however it doesn’t seem other people are having this issue.

  35. Vine (verified owner)

    Been using bout a good month. Don’t see any results trash asf!!! Please don’t waste your money!!!

  36. Sommer Ball (verified owner)

    I haven’t had this package long but, so far I absolutely love it! The belt and gel get you dripping with sweat but don’t leave an uncomfortable burning sensation. The sculpting gel has already made a noticeable difference in the appearance of my belly! After having kids, I have struggled with getting rid of the loose saggy skin around my belly. Im looking forward to seeing the long term results!

  37. Dana (verified owner)

    I love this product. It intensifies my workouts so much that the results come so much faster. Definitely worth the money!

  38. Cindy (verified owner)

    As soon as it arrived I started using it and I was hooked I won’t work out with out it… Now my husband started using it and we won’t stop….

  39. SHINANE ISREAL (verified owner)

    I am a natural sweater so I was looking forward to this product to give me that drenching sweat and lean look as the reviews and advertising showed. I didn’t get that even after running six miles in 75 degrees weather. I will try it in the sauna to see if it’s more effective that way.

  40. Eirazema Salazar (verified owner)

    Just like the ad makes you sweat alot!!

  41. Nicole Weir (verified owner)

    If you are thinking about getting this, GET IT! You won’t regret it! This stuff is amazing and I can’t give this enough stars! You won’t disappointed! Helps with my stomach to get flatter and tighten up! My boyfriend even uses it and it takes a lot for him to like something!

  42. Amanda (verified owner)

    So far amazing I see results it’s only been 2weeks and I dont have enough time 2 workout everyday so I push for 4days a week..and I’m definitely seeing a difference. Thank u tc1…I’ll be a customer 4life. And recommended 2 every1. ❤??

  43. Kayla (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this every night with my work outs, for about a week. I seriously drip sweat every time I take the band off! I have noticed no change yet but it has only been a week. I will say I do not use the arm bands at all I shouldn’t of ordered them but o well. Also I’m a little chubby so when I have the band on and do crunches the top of the band rolls idk if it’s because I don’t have it tight enough or if I have it pulled to tight…over all I will be reordering the heat gel and toner!!

  44. Courtney (verified owner)

    I have been using these products for over a week now and LOVE how much I’m sweating on my mid section! The quality of the belt is so great as well compared to others I’ve used!

  45. Brooke Freeman (verified owner)

    I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now and im so in love with it every time I take it off there is so much sweat falling off of my waist. I’m addicted. I can’t wait to work out with this wrap. I love it so much. made a video and shared it with my friends on social media and all my mommy friends want one now. Will be placing another order soon.

  46. Verna watts (verified owner)

    I love this stuff , I had found it on i.g. ,said hay what the heck I’ll give it a try, totally fell In love with it!! It has made my skin so much smoother, but idky I totally love after my walks or cycling how when I take the belt off I see all the sweat, it’s a hapy feeling !! Definitely will purchase again!!♡♡

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