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Sweat More Bundle


Sweat Ignition Workout Gel


Sweat Belt

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  • 6 oz. Jar of TC1 Sweat Ignition Workout Gel
  • TC1 Sweat Belt (choose Regular or Large Belt)

Our most popular products to date, the TC1 Sweat Ignition Workout Gel and Sweat Belt are the perfect duo to enhance every workout. Whether you’re doing an intense cardio or HIIT workout or simply going on a walk, our Sweat Gel and Belt will make you sweat more than ever before. 

Change your workouts forever with these simple steps:

  1. Rub the Workout Gel on your arms, legs and stomach 20 minutes before you work out.
  2. Wrap our Sweat Belt around your stomach to lock in the gel for best results.
  3. Start your workout routine; as your body temp rises you will feel the Gel start to warm you up and you’ll be sweating in no time.
  4. The heat will help keep your muscles loose through your workout and into post workout, which is great for recovery.

Sweat Ignition Workout Gel

Our featured ingredient in this product is the compound that makes peppers hot, called capsaicin. As we like to say, “a little goes a long way.” The capsaicin compound encourages thermogenic activity during exercise and helps fight muscle fatigue. The more vigorous the exercise the more you will feel the Gel heating up. Having warmer muscles has many benefits: you will sweat more, your muscles will work harder for longer, and having warmer muscles after your workout helps prevent injury. It takes calories to make energy and it takes energy to create sweat, so like all energy consuming processes, “Sweating Helps Burn Calories.”

Do not use other creams or lotions before applying TC1 Workout Gel.

Sweat Belt

With neoprene design and adjustable Velcro closure, our Sweat Belts will stretch to fit all shapes and sizes. The Belt is very flexible and won’t limit your movement during exercises. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and hang to dry after each use. Do not machine wash.

Regular Belt – 41” long x 7.5” wide. Fits men’s and women’s sizes X-Small to X-Large.

Large belt – 10” wide x 51” long. Fits men and women sizes X-Large to XXX-Large.                          


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Sweat Ignition Workout Gel

Weight8.2 oz

Sweat Belt

Weight7.5 oz

343 reviews for Sweat More Bundle

  1. Kriss (verified owner)

    Great product, it burns a little but not a bad thing! I love the belt, would highly recommend to friends

  2. Trainer (verified owner)

    get ready to drip sweat. This stuff is no joke. As a trainer, It is critical that I look lean and ripped. This stuff is a gift from the gods!!!

  3. Ferma (verified owner)

    This is the best product I’ve ever try. It makes me sweat a lot.
    I love it.

  4. Jessica Evans (verified owner)

    It starts working day 1

  5. Missiel Feliciano (verified owner)

    This is really good I have the bundle TC1 gel is great make me sweat a lot when I use it with the belt 30 minutes work out looks like an hour work out I really recommend it for extra burn calories.

  6. Yamile buritica (verified owner)

    Very good the gel is the best of all have tried

  7. Sharon (verified owner)

    My husband and I have both been using it during out workouts, paired with clean eating of course. We have noticed a difference in our waist’s and the amount of calories we’re burning during our workouts!! Hoping to be able to have our six packs in before vacation!!

  8. Renee (verified owner)

    Love it! Easy to apply, love the heat when I workout and the sweat when I take off the wrap!

  9. JohnPaul King (verified owner)

    When I first started using this product was amazing I am finding now week 2 of using it that it takes a lot longer to start acting on my skin and does not work as well. I don’t know if other have experienced this but I hate because when it was working good I loved the product but not its doing the job it was when I first started using it.

  10. Jess (verified owner)

    Great customer service, product arrived quickly.
    Product is great. For me it takes about 10-15 mins before the heat really turns up, but then it’s hot hot hot! The wrap holds the sweat in well so it’s not leaking everywhere. Then when you unwrap, it’s a like your water just broke lol!! I’ve been using for about 2 weeks and I feel like my stomach and flanks are pulling in and just looking smother and flatter. Would definitely buy again.

  11. Erin Kyle Lofton (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff. Seeing results already ‘

  12. Monica (verified owner)

    I love this product. I was a little unsure it was going to work but it does and the amount of sweat that comes off my body is amazing. I will say if you a bigger person the strap does slip a bit but other than that it works amazingly.

  13. Jeff (verified owner)

    I’ve only used for a week. I have 2 herniated discs and with this, it feels like I have a heating pad on. It loosened up my back and I felt no pain while exercising. Amazing product.

  14. Tanya (verified owner)

    Been using during workouts for 2 weeks. It does take about 15 min before the burn sets in and man the burn is real. Once I start working out I don’t notice the burn but when I’m done and peel off the belt, the amount of sweat on the belt and my body is insane. Seeing the inches melting away and abs poking through!!

  15. Dee (verified owner)

    I rub it on my stomach, legs, and one sore muscle area and trust me, i love the heat it give because it helps to soothe the pain in my muscle and allow to workout harder and stronger. Its best with the belt against the skin because i did sweat buckets, however, sometims i wear the belt outside my clothes and i see almost similar results. I just want to be beach body ready, and its getting me there along with a healthy diet!! Im already down 5 pounds and i only have a few more to go!! Thank you!!!

  16. Kariz steen (verified owner)

    Love love love this product!! It works just like it says on the website. I already lost 3 inches in 2 weeks. Instantly after working out you can tell difference and makes you feel really good getting results atowards the abs we all dream of it.

  17. Tyler Mckinion (verified owner)

    I’ve been using TC1 gel and waist wrap for a week now and I have to say it is better then anything I’ve tried before. I also use it on my shoulders and back when training. Great product and will continue to use it!

  18. Lisette Martinez (verified owner)

    This product is amazing I love how it smells good and you can feel the heat activate. So when you take the belt off the sweat is literally dripping and that’s so awesome

  19. Chelsea (verified owner)

    I’m always skeptical about buying things like this, but I finally used it last week and am obsessed! It really works! I’m dripping sweat after my workout and my core feels so good. It feels like a sauna around my stomach and back. I bought this to help me with a challenge that I joined and I have no doubt that it will help me reach my goals. Highly recommend!

  20. Silvia Cuna (verified owner)

    Como quema grasa te sacas la faja empapada estoy feliz y voy a comprar otra para mi esposo se los recomiendo a todos compre el paquete y medio muy buen resultado gracias por inventar esto

  21. Michelle (verified owner)

    I’ve always been really skeptical of this kind of stuff but I kept seeing people using tc1 gel on instagram. The most problem area I have is my mid section so I decided to give it a try. Oh boy I’m so glad I did, this stuff is amazing!!! I sweat so much! I haven’t seen results but that is simple because I just got it and have used it 2x. Now I get excited to come home and workout because I get to see how much sweat comes off me during my work out.

  22. Yadira Aguilar (verified owner)

    Very good products, I highly recommended

  23. Natalie (verified owner)

    This product is so worth the money! I highly recommend it.

  24. sylwia (verified owner)

    i love it. the product is worth the money.. it does work it even motivates me to push harder!!!1

  25. Cynthia Beron (verified owner)

    Love it

  26. Jose Garcia (verified owner)

    It works great

  27. Lis (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how much sweet after workout- even after finish still feel the tingling and warm sensation ,I really recommend to everyone/ works awesome ?

  28. Amy (verified owner)

    I can really feel it working during my workout.

  29. Cha (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product for about a week now. It does get really hot but you just have to watch the amount that you put on. But other than that I’m gonna keep using it until I see some results.

  30. Penina (verified owner)

    If you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t advice using this due to duration. Also product gets extremely hot, unbearable I’ve had to immediately try to remove the ointment. But the waist belt is good alone too.

  31. Nicolette Brown (verified owner)

    It do get hot & make me sweat like crazy….so with my healthy eating & working out 5 days a week im hoping to see some result because i have a lot of belly to sweat off….

  32. Karena Tellez (verified owner)

    This gel is awsome… I wasn’t sure that it would work but I wear the band with the gel and it actually really works. Only thing is I wish the band had different sizes that is only thing that needs to be updated or evaluated. Other than that good.

  33. Toya (verified owner)

    When I first tried TC1 I didnt believe it would do anything. When I started my workout, I started to feel the heat…and WOW…this stuff is just GREATNESS!! Sweat was dripping from my stomach when I removed the belt. I absolutely LOVE IT!! I use it during every workout now.

  34. Cindy (verified owner)

    When I put the cream on and wrap it with the sweat belt and start my exercise. The product does what it’s supposed to do. I just love it!

  35. Jeff (verified owner)

    I love this product based on the way it heats up and helps me feel during workout. It gets very warm and also helps relax sore muscles. I would like size options for belts to fit other areas ie. Arms, legs etc. Overall I have experienced weight loss and will continue to use this great product.

  36. Ventrella Douzier (verified owner)

    Love this product. It gives me a really good burn. I use it faithful for ever workout. Will definitely order again.

  37. Emmanuel Torres (verified owner)

    Makes me sweat a whole lot more than I usually sweat when I’m working out and I’m a big guy , so I would recommend this product to anybody . Works really good.

  38. April Sneddon (verified owner)

    Product stands up to its word. I sweat like no other when applying the gel and waist band. Gives you a hot burn sensation and then you just watch the sweat drip off the wrap ? after a workout. I would definitely continue with this product ?

  39. John (verified owner)

    Cant say enough about this product. What I can say is that it is incredible. Dont let your gym bag go without it.

  40. Yary (verified owner)

    Can’t complain the order arrived before time .This product works just like it says. I have added this to my favorite work out routine.

  41. Mariela Viteri (verified owner)

    Totally love the product. Does exactly what it says and it shipped right away and got it very fast.

  42. Curlyfitness1980 (verified owner)

    I have a full review on my YouTube channel sharing my honest opinion about this product. On my channel I shared a demo showing cardio at home and at the gym. I’m in love with this product will purchase again.


  43. Anthony (verified owner)

    Love the product and ordering more it stands for what it does. I’m completely satisfied with this product. Keep up the great work.

  44. Christie Linner (verified owner)

    I really like the effects of TC, I just wish there were size options for the belt. 41″ is way to big for me, I almost have to wrap it around twice, so then it is very bulky.

  45. Cynthia Perez (verified owner)

    I love how it makes me sweat 3 times more than what I should regularly sweat I love it

  46. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    I love everything about this gel! It makes me sweat 1000 times more then i would without. And it’s really helping with my postpartum baby stomach! Looking forward to ordering more and getting amazing results

  47. Silvia Garcia (verified owner)

    I fricken love this product. You feel and see results on your first time use. I absolutely recommend this product.

  48. Shannon lett (verified owner)

    I was so excited couldn’t wait for it to get here so I could try it out!! I have used some others and yes I would sweat but with the TC1 gel it’s a whole different level of sweat and I love the heat from it also. I’m hooked , I will not be using anything else !!

  49. Kee (verified owner)

    I love this product you can really feel the burn and it really helps with the sweat factor of your intense work out. Once I run out I will definitely purchase some more. I even had my guy purchase this product. 2 ??up

  50. Debbie (verified owner)

    So glad my friend pointed me in this direction. I love it! Even helping to sweat out this cold.

  51. Lele clark (verified owner)

    It works… i wear it to work and i sweat my abs off!!

  52. Lucy (verified owner)

    I use some similar product they didn’t work but wen I use tc1 gel for the first time I saw right away the difference best best product I will recommend to all my friends.

  53. Anna (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I have never used anything like this before. I use it on my abs with the belt and of course I sweat like crazy. But I also use it on my shoulders and arms as well as my quads. I have had issues with cramping after workouts in my quads and this gel has really helped that. I use it every time I work out religiously. I would recommend.

  54. Cherrybaby (verified owner)

    Loved it , it give your work out that extra boost
    Try it and you will see
    You are going to be hooked.

  55. Ashley (verified owner)

    I sweat more now than I ever have. Love this stuff and can’t do a workout without it.

  56. Chris Henderson (verified owner)

    If you’re wanting to feel the burn and watch the sweat wick off your body this is the product. I’m a firm believer and love TC1Gel.

  57. Ashley steffey (verified owner)

    Love it I can see a big difference in it while working out and after. Prolly the best thing I’ve found so far.

  58. Jessica Ramirez (verified owner)

    I love it, I use it when I workout. I sweat a lot. I have used it for a week and a half and definitely feel a difference. That’s eating healthy and working out 4 days a week. I would highly recommend it. Oh I also like the way it feels. It’s not cold or minty. Love the warm feeling after a work out.

  59. Gena (verified owner)

    I’ve only been using the gel and the belt for a week, so there are not a lot of noticeable changes on the outside, however I can tell that internally I’m heating up and sweat is rolling off of me by the time I take the belt off. I’ve also started applying the gel to my arms for Upper Body day and my legs for Lower Body day and I feel like I’m able to lift heavier when I use the gel and my muscle recovery is AMAZING. I’ve taken before pictures and plan to do a six week comparison to really see if what I’m feeling in the burn is showing on the outside.

  60. Yesenia Casillas (verified owner)

    The best band I’ve used thus far. It stays in place and does not irritate my sensitive skin which are the two pros I’ve had a hard time with my whole life. Noticed a drastic change in my waist in just the 1st week using it. I’m hooked!

  61. Dayna (verified owner)

    These items are absolutely amazing!

  62. Nicole Castro (verified owner)

    Works great. Makes me sweat like crazy. Easy to apply. Would like to care instructions for the wrap. (Wash? Rinse?) I’m totally buy another bundle for my mom.

  63. Keisha (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product!!!! Best purchase ever, love how it stays in place and makes me sweat.

  64. Sueheil (verified owner)

    Me encanta el producto jamás logre sudar tanto como ahora q estoy utilizando el producto lo recomiendo a todos .Mis rutinas en el gimnasio son mejores ahora me motiva mucho más.Exito !!!!

  65. Alisia (verified owner)

    Wow, I have been using my gel and sweat belt for 7 days. It’s amazing. I am sweating like never before in the areas that I put the gel. I’m mad I haven’t been using this way before now. It motivated me to start working out every day. I had already been working on better eating habits so when I seen this ad I took advantage of it right away. I loved that the shipping was literally days so I didn’t loose focus and motivation. Thanks, it’s changed my life already. I can’t wait to show my before and after. Give me three more weeks for the first update

  66. Tiesha (verified owner)


  67. Beth (verified owner)

    I absolutely love using this I’ve tried other belts ect but this combination with this cream is da bomb!! I will definitely be buying again

  68. Michelle Kennedy (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product!! Thank you to Ililma Macfarlane for introducng me to this amazing product!

  69. Nicole (verified owner)

    I love this stuff! It works and I bought one jar and my boyfriend keeps using it. So I’ll be buying another jar soon!! If you are hestitate to buy it don’t! It’s worth the money!! I got the bundle and I love the wrap than the one I have now! This stuff is amazing!!

  70. Dana (verified owner)

    Me and my wife use it, we sweat more and notice the change in our body using it

  71. Emilia (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical about this product, but the more i use it the more sweat drips down my body. Will definitely purchase again

  72. Kota (verified owner)

    At first I was unsure if I wanted to buy but after a week spent thinking I decided to buy fast shipping tried it out the same day doing cleaning a shop & once I was done my shirt was completely wet & I thought I had leaned on a sink with water but I didn’t & I realized it was from the belt I was surprised it worked since then I have been wearing & it’s doing it’s job so I will be purchasing again oh yeah the gel has No bad smell it actually smells GOOD

  73. Stacy (verified owner)

    The combo product gives you the ultimate fat-burning sensation. My first time using it surprised me how much I actually sweat. The product won’t leave anyone disappointed. It works!

  74. Katie (verified owner)

    At first when I was running I was like why don’t I feel anything after 10 minutes I felt the heat! When I took off the belt sweat was dripping! I’m so excited to use! I definitely recommend it !!

  75. Jason (verified owner)

    Stuff is legit! You will literally have water pouring out of you!! First time using it, road bike for a while then went to abs. During movements on crunches, the belt opens up letting out the trapped sweat. Well, it ran down my frontside and felt like I lost control of myself lol!! All kidding aside, this stuff does it’s job. Also put it on my shoulders for upper body workouts and keeps them plenty warm and even helps with arthritis pain from keeping joints from cooling down while waiting on a machine some troll is camped out on!! I’m definitely going to continue using!

  76. Melissa (verified owner)

    I was excited to use this product bc Heba Ali highly recommended it… at first I wasn’t sure how to use it but after receiving some tips from Heba (make sure to put enough gel and tighten up the belt!) it worked just like it was described! I look forward to my intense workouts and see a difference in my stomach area. Highly recommend!

  77. Magda Garcia (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it! I will definitely keep ordering it. Makes my mid section sweat to the fullest. I would make a suggestion and maybe the belt should be a little bit longer to cover all the way down your lower and. But that’s all. This product is worth buying!! I’ve ordered 2 bundled already and 1 TC1cream once by it’s self.

  78. Karla (verified owner)

    I was skeptical to be honest, but tried it the minute I received it! I covered my entire stomach and back area and tightened the belt just like it said and within minutes my body was on fire!! I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but it seems to make your entire body sweat a lot more, not just the area where you apply it. I noticed my face, arms neck were drenched in sweat completly. I’ve only used it for 2 weeks but will be re ordering for sure!! Love it!!

  79. Illyana Cartagena (verified owner)

    If you don’t think this is gonna work…. think again! Keeps my muscles nice and warm, gets a good sweat going during intense work outs, and honestly just feels great! It definitely aids with the prevention of muscle soreness too! Highly recommended.

  80. Melissa Armellino (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I use it every workout now. It helps keep your muscles from fatiguing during long runs or cycling sessions. The heat induction really makes you sweat. Not only do I sweat more on the areas I rub it on but it also helps keep me focused mentally and more aware of my body’s state. I highly reccomend trying. You won’t be sorry.

  81. Stafford (verified owner)

    This stuff really makes you sweat! I love wearing the wrap while I’m running!

  82. Helen G (verified owner)

    Amazing! Use the combo during my early morning workouts and come home soaked! Does exactly what it says!

  83. Ashley (verified owner)

    This product definitely works! I put it on to workout and immediately started to feel the burn! My stomach was soaking wet and I felt like every other part of my body was sweating more!

  84. Danelle Emeliano (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product you’ll see major results so fast especially people who can’t sweat that much on the core

  85. Malisa Panaram (verified owner)

    I got the belt a few days ago. I used it for the first time two days ago for my workout, I mean UNBELIEVABLE!! People at the gym ALL asked me about it! You found yourselves a few potential clients and one for sure regular client here! I love love love this belt!!!

  86. Jeanette Favela (verified owner)

    I have to say it’s only been a week but this is the very first time I feel wearing a sweat belt is beneficial. It actually warms up your fat to burn more so you sweat more. I can see on my abdominal area less dimples as I see it targeting fat while I sweat. I have allot more layers to go! LOL! I am so glad I tried this product to help me burn more fat!

  87. Rhia (verified owner)

    I love this product! I am so glad i stumble upon it on IG And fb!! I have been using it when am doing kick boxing/cardio boxing first i tried without the belt it really made me sweat more than i already have the second day i used it with the belt and holy smokes!! When i took the belt off the sweat is just dripping like crazy! I put the gel on my shoulders and arms too as well as my back and it does what it says it would so i would really reccomend this specially to those who doesnt sweat much!!!

  88. John (verified owner)

    I was very happy with this product.

  89. Ashley olivarez (verified owner)

    Omg I love it and it work ! Thank you TC1 ❤️??

  90. Vanessa (verified owner)

    This is the truth!!! Omg!! I wasn’t expecting to sweat that much. You do start feeling it warm after 5mins. And when I took off the belt, so much sweat dripped off. I’m so glad I purchased both the belt and the cream.

  91. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Been using for a week now !! I love it !

  92. Eleonor (verified owner)

    I’ve tried the Sweet Sweat one, and that one was good. So, when I heard about this one. I wasn’t too impressed. Until I tried it. With this one, you can actually feel it getting hot and feeling a burn within 3-5 minutes. I only did cardio while wearing both items for 20 mins, and sweat was just dripping. And I felt more of a burn, than from the Sweet Sweat one I wore. Definitely switching!

  93. Anita Araiza (verified owner)

    I love this gel you can feel it working I apply it 15mins before my workout and I never sweat as much as I do wit the TC1 gel it’s amazing I going to have to buy my husband his own

  94. Michelle Nguyen (verified owner)

    Been seeing this ad on Facebook been hesitant but went ahead bit the bullet and bought it. I TOTALLY LOVE IT!! I can feel the heat. I use it on my waist area and when i take off the belt OMG ask the sweatyness. I showed my sister and now she wants to try it! Totally recommend this product! THANKS TC1!!

  95. Nikki (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I was skeptical at first but once I put on the gel, I felt it getting hot in 5-6 mins. After my workout, I take off the belt to see so much sweat! What a beautiful sight! I love it. Will be ordering more once I run out. ADDICTED.

  96. Jose (verified owner)

    The gel is great it heats me up perfectly and it does feel better on recovery. The belt is a bit wide for me but it works. Thanks again great purcahsey

  97. Stephanie Krumm (verified owner)

    Use it every time!!

  98. MG (verified owner)

    Great products! Makes me sweat a whole lot more cause I already sweat plenty but it’s great to have that extra around my tummy area. Very happy with this purchase definitely will be buying more gel when I run out!???

  99. Michelle (verified owner)

    Very happy and sweaty. Great product!

  100. Burnie (verified owner)

    Can’t believe how much the topical cream works. was skeptical at first how much to put on. but after a testing day, it was a full go from there. i would say it takes about 15-20 minutes for the heat to be noticeable under the belt, but perfect amount of time to put it on at home and get to the gym. love everything about the product.

  101. Erica Martinez (verified owner)

    So I’ve tried many things to help me sweat and get my workout pump. By far this is the best thing you will ever invest your money on. The gel and sweat belt will get you going within your first 10 minutes of your workout. Highly recommend!

  102. Genesis Villacres (verified owner)

    I bought the sweat belt to help me release water weight in my stomach. I have gained weight after losing 60 pounds and just wanted to get back on track. The gel heats the area to stimulate sweating and the belt holds well.

  103. Faig (verified owner)

    Saw it on Instagram. Read reviews and decided to try it. Been using it for a couple of weeks, but I already see results. Great product. Recommended.

  104. Jay (verified owner)

    Saw this product and ppl on Instagram using it and said I’ll try it. From the first apply inwas some difference, after a full week you could really see a difference. I’ve used it for 3 weeks and I’m already ordering more so I dont ever run out. Great product really gets you sweating, and warms up your muscles which makes It easier to recover. Love the way it even smells as its warming. I would highly recommend it.

  105. Crystal Coates (verified owner)

    I’ve only been using this now for a week but it definitely does what it saids. During the workouts it warms and increases your sweat for sure. It’s awesome for the next day when your abs are sore. The warmth soothes the muscles and helps you push further then without it.

  106. Melissa Villanueva (verified owner)

    The gel is great! It works within a few minutes and lasts for a while. The belt is great as well. It takes a few wears before you break it in a bit to rid of some restrictions but it does work well! No regrets on trying this. I love peeling the belt off and see that sweat drip down! Looking forward to more results as this item is fairly new to me.

  107. Aaron sutton (verified owner)

    Ive been using this for 2 weeks. I like the product. But i hate how oily my hands gets makes it hard to grip weights after putting it on for workouts. I wash hands 2 or 3 times after applying and still oily. Also have noticed ive started to break out a bit on my abs since using. My cut back to ever other day or so.

  108. Rabelys (verified owner)

    The gel it self has a nice citrus smell but very low so you can hardly smell it. It doesn’t stain your clothes like other products and it gives you one hell of a burn. I am honestly in love with the belt. The belt is very flexible yet has a great grip so you don’t have to worry about it going up or flapping around while doing various exercises. 110% would recommend and buy again.

  109. Ana (verified owner)

    I saw this product being used by Heba was pretty sceptical about buying it but so glad I did I loved it since the first day I tried it. Really gets you sweating. Only thing I would suggest really listen to the part on the directions apply a small amount on first time use because it really gets hot!!

  110. Corina (verified owner)

    Really love this!!! Got my confidence back up and focused and really enjoying this product while working out. Thank you Heba Ali!!!! Love it girl!!!

  111. Gabriela (verified owner)

    I usually never sweat at the gym, bought this product and it works amazing!
    I use it mostly during cardio and abs. It has been extremely helpful in increasing my sweat, raising my core temperature and heart rate.

    Highly recommended if you’re looking for that!

  112. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this!! Recommend! Even if you’re going to do a light workout will make you SWEAT!

  113. Arianna (verified owner)

    I was a little iffy about purchasing it because I wasn’t sure wether it would work or not but after using it for the first time I fell in love with it!! It’s so great and after using it I always feel super motivated!

  114. Kk (verified owner)

    Loving the Tc1gel and sweat belt. I have tried many other products and nothing makes me sweat like this. My abs look amazing, right and firm despite my low body fat. Ready for any outfit!

  115. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Soooo i actually really like this for cardio days! It is a bulky belt but makes you sweat a lot in the areas you put the gel, even w/o the belt. THOUGH, once im done with cardio, i take the belt off and my back is extreamly red, almost as if i just got a sunburn. Very warm feeling! I dont necessarly care, but just a warning for people who apply on back, make sure you put small amount, like TINY amount. Love this stuff though, does the job 🙂

  116. Nancy Esparza (verified owner)

    I’ve used it everyday I workout and my waist started slimming down almost instantly. It wasn’t dramatically different but the changes are small and noticable. with the right eating habits and consistent workouts I’m sure this product is a great add on!

  117. Julia (verified owner)

    Love the combo of the belt and gel with my work out routine. Makes you feel warm and extra sweaty on my stomach with the belt so I definitely feel and see a difference when using the products. I don’t feel so tight on my night runs since I’ve been putting it on my top of legs and butt so it’s keeps you warm and not so tight from the cold which is nice

  118. Priscilla L. (verified owner)

    When I tried this product for the first time it got really hot, not sure if I used to much for using it for the first time, directions did say only use a lil first time use. The next time I used it I got the hang of it and it got better with time. I wouldn’t say that the gel activates for two hours I would say it activates for about an hour and a half until you no longer feel the heat really love this product would recommend it to anybody

  119. Eller (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical to purchase this product but after using it a couple times, I think it works! The gel is definitely warm (hot if you put too much) and helps you sweat a lot. The belt is a bit bulky but it does the job so I don’t mind. I’m excited to see the full results.

  120. Lady Lucy B (verified owner)

    I sooo love this the gel is great it dose it’s job the when you feel the heat it game on and the belt so love I had been buying the cheap 5 dollars ones and I would have to replace them every two weeks. And it would move up and down. But tc1 belt it’s legit awesome it stays in place and and when you take it off o my the sweats that pours out is a joy on my tummy. ❤️

  121. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Loved it so much gets me so hype when I wear it at the gym ! Love love love (:

  122. Cliff (verified owner)

    Been using the TC1 Gel and sweat belt now for the past few weeks and man this stuff really works. You can feel your core temperature rise and when that happens the sweating in insane. Highly recommend if you are looking to shred some LBS.

  123. Claudia (verified owner)

    So I’ve tried TC1 for about 5 days. I see a difference already. I feel the warm sensation, especially during core workouts. I can’t wait to see more results.

  124. justin lockwood (verified owner)

    I’ve only used it for a short while but it’s great and I can feel results already but I can’t wait to see those results!

  125. Deb (verified owner)

    I’ve searched high and low for the best waist trainer and I must say I hit the jackpot with this one! It stays in place during my workout and the gel makes me sweat much more than I would naturally do on my own. The gel and waist-trainer is the perfect combo!

  126. Lana clayton (verified owner)

    TC1gel changed my cardio game.
    It’s like eating a donut without the chocolate dipped topping and sprinkles! It’s a huge game changer to myself and my clients as an athlete in the gym every single day. I need to maximize my time in the gym working full time in Corp America, training online clients and as well being a mama.
    TC1gel helps my clients to see effective results fast as well! Huge fan!!

  127. Brenden Floyd (verified owner)

    I love using the Tc1 gel and waist trainer. They have been a game changer to my Physique. They are a must have!!.

  128. Jesse James (verified owner)

    A great product to use for targeting that mid section. When I’m dropping weight for a competition my lower abs and lower back are ALWAYS the hardest to drop weight from. TC1 Gel helps target those spots and gives me a warming sensation so you can feel the gel working!

  129. Edwin (verified owner)

    I must say I was very skeptical of the product at first but after seeing such good reviews & watching the videos I had to give it a try. All I have to say is I was not disappointed at all, I was drenched after my 20 minute workout. TC1 found a repeat customer in me thanks!

  130. Karina Nunez (verified owner)

    I recently just purchase this item that i saw on IG social media. I wanted something to help me loose weight and i came across this product and it works. I can feel and see the difference on this product on me. This is my 2nd purchase with TC1 gel & i had to get the sweat belt and its different from all sweat belt. i love it but there’s only one size belt i wish it could extended more to cover your full stomach but either than that i love this product! Thanks TC1 gel

  131. Bhavin Patel (verified owner)

    Not your average belt. A belt for all size, durbale and comfortable. The gel and belt works like a combo meal! It delivers the result the burn and the sweat! Going on my second week and can’t complain.

  132. Mimi (verified owner)

    Ordered this based on recommendations from @_nawdzz who I’ve been following on IG for a while. I recently started working out with a trainer and when I wear this, I am dripping in sweat. The burn feels amazing. It’s rewarding to see your hard work but sometimes we can’t see it day to day, so using the TC1 gel, it reminds me everyday how much progress I’m making! Absolutely love it!!

  133. Candace Dole (verified owner)

    I am dripping sweat at the end of every workout thanks to this product! I refuse to exercise without it! I am beyond amazed!

  134. Maritza Vega (verified owner)

    I really love this products
    I recommend it

  135. M*DUB (verified owner)


  136. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I just recently started using the TC1 gel and it enhances my workouts every time. I can feel the burn and am dripping sweat after every work out. I am obsessed with the results and it feels great to see all my hard work dripping on my sweat belt!

  137. Mark (verified owner)

    Love the products! The TC Gel does the job better than taking a pre-workout. You’ll definitely sweat your butt off and the heat makes you go even harder in the gym!

  138. Justine Bozek (verified owner)

    Makes you sweat more than you will believe. I sweat a lot to begin with but when i take off the belt, sweat falls outs and i can see the product working. All the videos that you see are REAL!

  139. B.c (verified owner)

    I loved this product. It does make my stomach sweats a lot!! I am looking forward for some good results.

  140. Matthew Akridge (verified owner)

    Yes, this product will help reduce excess water around your waist but I have been more impressed with how good it feels. It has definitely helped relieve some lower back pain as I train.

  141. Greg Matthyssen (verified owner)

    Purchased this product about 2 weeks ago, it’s changed my workouts. I don’t head to the gym without it, will be a lifelong customer

  142. Meagan (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, works amazingly well. Definitely worth giving it a try

  143. Brandon Hochgraber (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many other similar products that worked ok but had horrible odors. Was a little sceptical at first but once I started my workout WOW this stuff kicked in in high gear. Literally nothing else like it!!!

  144. Jamie (verified owner)

    I have been wearing the gel and belt every time I go to the gym and it is amazing! It makes me sweat and feel more motivated at the gym (little extra umph I was looking for).

  145. Justin (verified owner)

    Appears to be working.

  146. Jessica (verified owner)

    It works ,makes you sweat however I feel a burning sensation after a while kind of close to the end of my workout and it does burn my stomach area when I shower I’m not sure if I’m using to much or if I have a sensitivity to the gel but that’s what happened with me

  147. Brian Foster (verified owner)

    Excellent product….never really sweat that much until I put this on. I friend referred it to me. Worth the buy!

  148. Leticia Zaronczkowski (verified owner)

    The product really works, it makes me sweat a lot in the abdomen area, I’m using it for 3 days, I hope to see results in a few weeks!

  149. Mike (verified owner)

    This is amazing. I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it and if it would do what I wanted out of it. After a week of using it is amazing. Put it on start my workout and when I am done the sweat is pour off of me.

  150. Jessica (verified owner)

    excellent product makes me sweat a lot, I love what I apply 20 minutes before the exercise and it’s great

  151. Robert Romero (verified owner)

    I was originally skeptical about the product. However after using it I was very surprised to it’s potential!!

  152. Evelyn (verified owner)

    I was searching for a new sweat cream and I’m glad I came across this one! It has been a great asset to my workouts and I love the burning sensation because I know it’s working.

  153. Kayla (verified owner)

    I love the smell, the sweat, and the burn the product delivers. Belt is excellent quality as well. I feel leaner after my workouts. Thanks TC1

  154. Marlene (verified owner)

    Love this product! I wasn’t prepared for the burn, it kind of took me by surprise how hot the gel actually gets but its fantastic and I sweat so much It gives me that nice flat morning belly.

  155. Sofia Mata (verified owner)

    It’s my first week actually using this sweat belt and so far I absolutely Love it. After a good workout taking this off and seeing how much more sweat then usual.

  156. Karla Guerrero (verified owner)

    Me encantó! Nunca había sudado tanto, lo he usado dos veces en dos semanas porque no se que tan seguido se pueda usar, pero aún así veo resultados. Gracias TC1!!

  157. Alan Pho (verified owner)

    This is the greatest thing ever I use this everyday in my workout. This get me sweating like crazy and also it help me get loosened up to help me prevent myself from injury so this product is amazing!

  158. Teresa Tejeda (verified owner)

    I have tried many product and honestly I can say TC1 Gel works miracles! I’m that person that never sweats! I’ve been using the sweat belt to about 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. It actually makes me sweat and the gel smells good.

  159. Mandy (verified owner)

    I love this product I could tell a difference in my stomach after just 3 days of using it.

  160. Allison (verified owner)

    Wasn’t expecting the Gel to light me on fire like it did but I loved it. I don’t workout without anymore! The first time I took the belt off after a workout, a ton of sweat came off with it. Love it!

  161. Karen (verified owner)

    I bought TC1 several months ago but couldn’t use it since I was still breastfeeding. I just started using it 2 wks ago & I’ve lost 8 in., I could not be happier. I’m about to purchase my second jar & im also getting the thigh compressions. SUPER EXCITED!!!

  162. Lorraine chavez (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical about trying this since it was an adventure on fb! I read a lot of reviews that said it burned so bad or it gave a rash. Personally I did not experience that effect. I did however feel the burning sensation which was quite awesome when you’re working out. I was able to push through my workouts longer than normal and also felt great right after. I have made videos for each time I’ve used the product and will post all on my Instagram once I get smaller. This was the best thing I have bought in a long time. Thank you!

  163. Jessica (verified owner)

    From day one I have been impressed with my results from using TC1 gel and the sweat belt! As a novice I wasn’t sure what to expect (or what I was getting myself into) but the sweat speaks for itself. Even my friends in the fitness industry have remarked on my results. Thank you!!!

  164. Jonathan Rodriguez (verified owner)

    It’s really work so far

  165. Kyle (verified owner)

    Any cardio workout in combo with the belt and gel will have you drenched. Seeing results after 2 weeks of daily use.

  166. Carmin Victorio (verified owner)

    This product really is amazing !!!! Definitely does it’s job!!! I love!

  167. Tiana (verified owner)

    I love this new product I bought! It def works and I’ve noticed such transformation since using it! I highly highly recommend to anyone seeking this merchandise because I can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed! Thank you tc1gel

  168. Paola (verified owner)

    Loved this product! Best thing ever! Makes you sweat like no other.

  169. Lg (verified owner)

    The belt and cream work well together you will sweat. Nice belt.

  170. Melissa B (verified owner)

    I must say I was skeptical that I would see any results. I was pleasantly surprised! It is a great product. You WILL feel your body warm up and you will sweat like a beast! I swear I’ve lost a few inches too! Ordering my gel refill for sure!

  171. Sandra Salas (verified owner)

    This definitely works! I notice the difference on my stomach area getting toned. The heat does go up & feel the burning sensation (but not literally burning your skin) lol. But keeping up with my workout Ill definitely see a big difference of loosing the weight 🙂

  172. Josh (verified owner)

    One word, AMAZING! I was skeptical at first but now using for about a week. I have and seen the change and detail in my trouble area.

  173. Jules (verified owner)

    I am obsessed with this product! I have been trying for years to get my stomach area toned. Results, results, results, I feel like my stomach is in the best shape it has ever been because of this. Don’t even think about it, buy it!

  174. Haide Flores (verified owner)

    So I’ve been using the tc1 gel and belt when I workout fofor about 1 month and a half… and I’ve noticed on my stomach area getting smaller. I have 2 kids and it’s been hard for me to get rid of my “baby pouch” that I have. Now after 6 weeks of just using the gel and wearing the belt, I can hardly see my baby pouch! It’s That good!! I HIGHLY recommend it!

  175. Haide flores (verified owner)

    I purchased the tc1 gel and the belt about a month and a half ago. I, a mother of 2… struggled with trying to lose my “baby pouch”… I would wear the gel and belt while I worked out, and after a few weeks my pouch has been shrinking!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!
    Thanks TC1Gel, I’m getting my confidence back!!

  176. Michael Serna (verified owner)

    It works my stomach feels tighter

  177. Michael Serna (verified owner)

    Hen I first got it I was skeptical because it was for my wife and I hardly use stuff like this but I feel my stomach getting tighter within each use. Makes you sweat a lot. I recommend this product!

  178. Amanda Tonsul (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! I’m not gonna a lie I was very skeptical at first but I said screw it, let me give it a try and this is a purchase I do not regret. The next things I’ll be purchasing are the resistance bands. But honestly, just try it out, you won’t regret it either!

  179. Fidget (verified owner)

    So far I’m loving it. And have noticed a difference in my mommy belly.

  180. Sandy (verified owner)

    I’ve heard amazing reviews on this product. I just received it and can’t wait to finally use it!

  181. Eunice (verified owner)

    I love the way it works , I use it every time I work out even if it’s only Yoga I still feel how good it’s working!!

  182. Danielle (verified owner)

    It makes me sweat so much it’s crazy. i absolutely love it

  183. jenny (verified owner)

    i been seeing good reviews on this product and finaly just said lets give it. a try and i absolutely love it the jar is a good amount athouhh i think i drench myself with it to sweat more but it works well especially when doing cardio i am sweating. definitely purchasijg another one .

  184. Jackie (verified owner)

    I purchase this product about 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it it gives an awesome burn while working out and you only feel it if you’re actually working the muscles love the sweat loving my results so far

  185. Matthew (verified owner)

    Awesome product, definitely gets the sweat rolling.

  186. Victoria (verified owner)

    Work perfect make me sweat a lot thank you highly recommend

  187. Angela (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing ! The gel does get pretty hot & it makes me sweat like nothing ever before. I wear it during Zumba and it doesn’t limit my movement.

  188. Mai (verified owner)

    Omg where have u been!!! I love it!❤

  189. Dianna (verified owner)

    I went back and forth on spending the money for this and let me tell you it’s 1000% worth it. The sweat literally pours off of me. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I can 100% tell a difference. I love love LOVE IT! I’m a believer and hooked!! Between cardio and weight lifting my belt stays out and the result is amazing!!

  190. Lazaro Torres (verified owner)

    This product actually works, I love it, the sweat is dripping while I am working out.

  191. Jillian (verified owner)

    This product has completely transformed my workouts! The sweat pours off when I unwrap the belt, and I am seeing definition in my core that I haven’t seen since I was a competitive swimmer in my teens! I won’t workout without using this belt and lotion ever again!!

  192. Aisley (verified owner)

    The belt and gel is amazing.!! The heat activation in the gel really makes you sweat more, and the belt holds your stomach in place and never gets in the way of your workout. I would 100% recommend this product.!!

  193. Joana (verified owner)

    I’m so happy and glad that I decided to purchase this!

  194. Charity (verified owner)

    I’ve been eyeing something like this for a while now bc I barely sweat. I am the type of girl that literally just looks shiny when I workout while my boyfriend sweats like crazy from just being hot for 5 seconds. I ordered it bc I saw an Instagram influencer that I follow use it and she was sweating like crazy where she applies it so I decided to give t a try. The first time I used it I did it without the belt. I did feel the heat but I didn’t sweat anymore than I usually do. The second time I used it I tried it with the belt. This time I did sweat a little more since I had it on. I feel like it’s a good product so far and has a nice scent to it. I find it a little difficult to get if off my thighs no matter how much soap and cold water I use I can still feel the slight warmth after my shower. Also I wish the band came in 2 sizes bc I would like the bad to be able to fit around my whole abdomen.

  195. Christina Franco (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it. Highly recommended. I sweat so much when i use the gel and my wrap. Best thing I’ve ever invested in on my journey to getting fit. Thank you.

  196. Chicky (verified owner)

    Love the results and worth my money great products and would like to purchase more affordable and like the good deals

  197. Caysha Crowder (verified owner)

    Didn’t think it was really working but after a week my tummy was so much smaller and smooth as could be, motivates me to work harder so I can see how much sweat I loose

  198. Zamira Roque (verified owner)

    Burns fat! This is the first sweat belt to stay in place during my work outs and the gel is helping so much! love it

  199. Nicole (verified owner)

    Been using the gel and sweat band for about 2 weeks now and it works great. I sweat so much and it makes me want to workout even harder. Good buy.

  200. Sara Al Azaat (verified owner)

    Its been a week using it now and so far it is amazingg! The amount of sweat is unbelievable when applied to the muscles i wanna train! Looking forward to keep using it for months more
    I highly recommend the belt and gel!

  201. Denise McCormick (verified owner)

    I have been using my TC1 gel along with the belt and I don’t have anything but positive to say about it! I put it on right before I leave the house and head to the gym and begin my workout! I posted on my Instagram and Snapchat story of how much sweat I literally had dripping off my abdomen when I took it off. I struggled before with sweating when I went to the gym and this stuff just amazed me. Now it is literally become my go to gym item and have to have it for my workout. I will definitely be buying more! So happy with this product. Instagram: @denisemccormick

  202. Mya (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product I’ve had it for one week and I’ve already lost 3 inches off my waist.

  203. Jordan (verified owner)

    I’ve used a couple of sweat bands, and this one is just amazing!!! Works so good

  204. Wyatt M (verified owner)

    Definitely saw an increase in sweat in my workout. Love this product!

  205. Rhiplay (verified owner)

    It’s great. I’ve been using it for only a couple weeks now and I can feel a see a difference.

  206. Cynthia A (verified owner)

    I love it! i love how you actually feel like the fat is burning off..watching the sweat drip after my workout is my favorite part. 10/10 recommend.

  207. Cassandra I (verified owner)

    Fast and easy transaction. The gel certainly delivers. It increases sweat for sure. The belt is a great fit and stays put. Really happy with my purchase and will try more products.

  208. Noemi carrazco (verified owner)

    This is the best product ever im in ?. I have 1 week in and i am seeing good results and i never knew i can SWEAT that much WOW i totally recommend it to anyone and everyone thanks TC1

  209. Kassy Djerf (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple brands including “sweet sweat” and other belts and nothinggggg compares to tc1!! And I’m a gym junkie. I feel the burn the second I rub the gel into my torso and I’m absolutely dripping from head to toe by the end of my workout. Feel bloated? Put TC1 Gel and the wrap on and in 2 hrs you’ll be feeling as lean as ever again. Love this product!

  210. Christina (verified owner)

    I wanted to sweat and boy oh boy do I sweat, it’s great I love it and I will be buying more soo for my husband to try

  211. Rosario (verified owner)

    I’ve used it a few times & I drip sweat.. I feel the heat the most when I workout & I have noticed a change those few times. Def recommend it

  212. Yadi (verified owner)

    This product is amazing!!!! I haven’t seen so much sweat until I started to use this product. I love it.

  213. Aileen R (verified owner)

    Well, I wasn’t sure about the product at the beginning and of course, read many of the reviews and also researched the other items similar to it, but because it was recommended by a few trainers that I follow on social media, I tried it. I’ve used it 3-4 times out of the week and have seen SWEAT HAPPY – making my fat cry with the true feeling that it’s happening…. SO AWESOME. It’s shrinking me in the place where I’ve had so many issues. Definitely will keep using it and report again when the container is empty. Love the belt too because it’s not like other belts that curl up when doing any physical activity. It’s easy to clean off too. Must try indeed.

  214. YO;;IE (verified owner)

    I admit I have not been using the gel with the belt. Since I sweat a lot anyway the belt is doing its job.
    I’ll go ahead and give the gel a chance during my workouts this week.

  215. Fatima Castro (verified owner)

    I love this cream because I can literally feel my core start to heat up and burn all the fat cells. I swear a lot more and my waist looks smaller after I’m done. I’d definitely recommend this cream.

  216. Erika (verified owner)

    I love the belt and gel so much! When Im working out it helps keep my core so engaged and builds the sweat so much! Im always satisfied after using it the gym it feels like Im getting the work in so much better!

  217. Cynthia Cabrera (verified owner)

    Love that no matter what type of workout I’m engaged in using the hell and the belt makes me come out sweating like crazy! I love sending my belt removing videos to my husband so he can see the sweat pouring from the belt. ? I will be getting the ones for my legs next for sure!

  218. Angelica (verified owner)

    I’ve never used a product I’ve actually liked until this one! It reall works, and seeing the sweat just melt off is such a plus…It makes you feel super confident to know that the product is working! Definitely a customer for life…try it you won’t be dissatisfied!!!

  219. Alex (verified owner)

    I was definitely skeptical at first but guys it truly is a life changer!!! I use it everyday I workout and I can just feel the heat on my core and back from the gel! I sweat so much using these products and I get thinner and toned more and more each time! Definitely have to order more when I run out!

  220. Stephanie Fox (verified owner)

    I have used many other products similar to the TC1 Gel and other waist trainers. Nothing so far has been able to compare to this product! I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete and I use this the other day for class and I was blown away! The belt stayed in place the entire time, which others have not been able to do, and after warm ups I noticed a clear difference in my abdominal area compared to not having the gel on. I could feel a noticeable difference in how warm my abdominal area felt. The next training I went to I put it on my back and my thighs and it was incredible how much I sweat and how much more engaged my muscles felt in my training. I will be placing an order for another container in the next few days!

  221. Stacy L. Steele (verified owner)

    The idea of TC1 Gel was a new concept to me — I had never heard of or considered such a thing until an MMA fighter I follow online endorsed it. I was skeptical at first, but I’m trying to get in better shape so I gave it a shot and WOW! It definitely does what it says — makes you sweat like crazy and makes your muscles feel warm, but not TOO warm. I’ve only used it a few times so far so It’s a little early to notice any significant weight loss, but here are two things I have noticed: 1) it kept my muscles warm enough that I haven’t been sore at all after working out, and 2) It might make you sweaty, but it SMELLS REALLY GOOD! I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. 🙂

  222. Wende M (verified owner)

    Never used anything like this before!! Was recommended by my trainer. Love how it warms up my muscles and helps sweat out that excess fluid! The belt works great for helping hold in your core. A must for anybody working out!

  223. Norma (verified owner)

    This makes me sweat so much, I can feel the heat everywhere I put it on. This stuff really works ! It’s a must try

  224. Jada Darby (verified owner)

    I have been using the TC1 gel and the TC1 Sweat Belt for 2 days now and I have released so much sweat. I feel the burning of my muscles throughout my workout and I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to start seeing results.

  225. Tarawyn (verified owner)

    I just worked out with this product and I love it. Tons of sweat and I feel good. The Tc1 gel one smells good too. I got this less then a week delivered to my house! I took pictures and hopefully a month from now I have good results!

  226. Cynthia (verified owner)

    Love this!!! Totally recommending to friends and and family

  227. Karen (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this combination. It really maximizes my workout!

  228. Emily (verified owner)

    I’m always pouring sweat after my cardio days with the Tc1 gel and belt! Amazing products. I recommend this product to everyone would wants to lose weight! I love the burn.

  229. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I honestly use this product at every work out and it works amazing without fail! I recommend this product if your trying to lose weight! Love this stuff!!

  230. Elvi (verified owner)

    I love it!! I highly recommend this product.

  231. Bailey Elease (verified owner)

    I’m loving this product I always find it hard to sweat how I want I’ve always tried sweat belts but this one tops them. I sweat ten times more no matter how tough of a workout I have. Loving it.

  232. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    Been using it for almost a month now and it makes me sweat so much and helps me look less bloated as well. My lower stomach is getting flappy so I am going to need to order the sculpture gel soon!

  233. Erika (verified owner)

    i haven’t had good experiences buying things like this but this was definitely an amazing purchase. It makes you sweat so much & i love it. the gel
    also smells nice! recommend for anyone 🙂

  234. Lizbeth (verified owner)

    Product works exactly how it advertises. You can definitely feel the heat sensation after applying the gel. It does not hurt at all and doesn’t affect my skin in any way. After working out an hour in orange theory; when I get home and take off the belt my stomach is drenched in sweat. My back and front clothing are soaked where sweat drips from the belt. I would highly recommend this product if you are struggling to sweat and lose weight around your midsection!

  235. caroline lessard (verified owner)

    I love this product so much only after 3 days of utilization I already see some results ?

  236. Katya estrada (verified owner)

    I love this product honestly makes me sweat and feels amazing gives me the best result possible. I don’t think I could do my transformation with out it.

  237. Leticia (verified owner)

    I love this because regarless if I work out or not im still sweating. I wear it while working and I sweat a good amount.

  238. Maggie (verified owner)

    Love it using it at the moment running ??‍♀️ the bleachers and I’m sweating it like crazy

  239. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I just started using this last week. It does exactly what is advertised and I am very pleased! My purpose for buying it is to achieve the flat stomach I’ve been working so hard to get. I only have 10 more pounds to drop before hitting my goal weight and the only problem area left to tackle is my remaining belly fat. I am already seeing results after using this belt and gel 4 times. Needless to say I’m very impressed and feeling like it was money well spent. Thank you!!

  240. Samantha Cano (verified owner)

    I love how much I sweat in tdee belt with the gel. I don’t work out at all. My days consist of cleaning, laundry, cooking, ubering my children, and going up and down my stair case. I feel the burn but man oh man it feels awesome! My belly is definitely looking 100% better

  241. Dania (verified owner)

    Havent used it that much but as what ive seen i love it… have sweat lots on every home workout… hope i see them results once i start gym thank you tc1 ❤️

  242. Aqua (verified owner)

    I have to say I’ve been using this product for a quite some time, The cream is awesome, Don’t put too much because it will burn, It will make you sweat like coming out the shower, Also what helps a lot more is the band, After you put your cream on,you put your band on after you workout it’s beautiful how much sweat you drip, You will lose a lotta inches because this happened to me already. The results are great with this cream but it depends on you!!!

  243. Karan (verified owner)

    This is awesome. I didn’t see any product like this ever it’s working same like they said .

  244. Julyne (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! It does exactly what it says it will do! Lost 12 lbs in the 3 weeks I have used it and still scaling down! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  245. Justin D Kingery (verified owner)

    It has stepped up my workouts and the muscle groups of the day feel the heat literally. I keep my supplements routine as simple as possible and this is a new staple. ??

  246. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing product! will be purchasing again soon!!

  247. Kayla (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first, but it really does work! OMG the amount of sweat ?????. Never felt anything like it, Best purchase ever!!!!

  248. Nahomie Morpeau (verified owner)

    This combo package is AMAZING!!!it helps you sweat sooo much. It’s a MUST if you workout on the daily , it’ll help you loose that belly fat with right diet and exercises.

  249. Lorenaa (verified owner)

    I recommended is the best

  250. Victoria (verified owner)

    Love this product it really works will continue to buy. It’s amazing!

  251. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Absolutely love love love! Sweat wayyy more than I usually do. Definitely makes the Workout even better!

  252. Amber (verified owner)

    I worked out for a half hour at the gym and after I left I took the sweat belt off in my car and omg! There was so much sweat that was dripping I couldn’t believe it.. like in the videos they use to sell your thinking to yourself “wow that looks like it works but does it really work” and it does. I’d recommend this to anyone and will deff be reordering again when I need to

  253. Jay (verified owner)

    1st time using a product and I loved it!! I’m getting up there in age and this made me feel young again by warming up my joints and muscles.

  254. LaToya (verified owner)

    Easy purchase, swift arrival and works exactly as described. You only need a modest amount of the gel to work so use sparingly. Heating sensation occurs gradually as and heat intensity increases as your workout intensifies leading to extreme sweating. I’ve used the gel along with the wrap daily for 2 weeks since receiving it for 1-hour long cardio sessions and it is very effective. I’m very tall so I use 2 wraps for my entire torso but it gets the job done.

  255. Priscilla (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many sweat activating brands before but this one is the best and the greatest part about it is that you don’t need a lot just a small amount goes a long way. I’ve been recommending y’all to everyone that asks. Thank you for such a great product!

  256. Amanda barboza (verified owner)

    I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t sweat fast. I can do so much cardio and not sweat as much as everyone else. This helped me sweat ! If you are scared of the ”burning “ feeling dont be . It feels like a heating pad wrapped around you waist. It feels great!

  257. Krystal Williams (verified owner)

    Definitely does what is advertised. Gel heats up your core and there’s a tremendous amount of sweat. What I love the most is the belt itself doesn’t shift and holds everything perfectly.

  258. F.I.T After30 (verified owner)

    Great product! Wear everyday I tonto the gym for that extra help sweating. You don’t even have to do cardio for it to work. As long as you got your body moving you will sweat and see results!

  259. Joel (verified owner)

    I have only used the gel and belt for 3 gym sessions and my abs already looked more defined. My stomach feels tighter! I only feel the “burn” everyone talks about for a few minutes and then it goes away even if I keep at it. Not sure if I need to apply more gel or not.

    Also I do NOT suggest wearing it in the sauna!

    Overall I am pleased so far!

  260. TiTyana (verified owner)

    Great product! The sweat is pouring off of me when I wear it, and the sweat belt stays in place!

  261. Michelle (verified owner)

    I’ve used a similar product before but I like this one better because it heats up and makes you sweat more. The one thing I don’t like is that you have to put the gel in by hand, what I’ve used before was in a twist up tube so I didn’t get anything all over my hands. If they could put this product in a twist up tube like that I’d give it 5 stars.

  262. Masiel Rondon (verified owner)

    I love the way it burns. It feels super effective special when working out. In love with this amazing product.

  263. Shannon (verified owner)

    I wasn’t too sure how I would feel about this as I’ve never tried anything like it before. But i love it! It gets pretty toasty and gives me a GOOD sweat! But putting the band on pretty tightly also helps me keep my core tight when I’m working out and not focusing on that so win-win!

  264. Sawanna (verified owner)

    I love using this! It helps me to really get the results I want.

  265. Sarah (verified owner)

    I saw the reviews but had to try it myself. Started with the gel and the belt…by 15 minutes into my workout, my core got really warmed up. I only lasted 30 min because I was profusely sweating with minimal work. Used the belt a couple of times and sweat a ton each time. I tried the gel on my legs without the wraps and didn’t have the same effect, so I’m planning on investing in the leg wraps too.

  266. Stephanie (verified owner)

    The belt does what it’s suppose to…However, my only concerns was that it doesn’t stay in place and it’s not wide enough. Overall though the gel I use definitely does work!

  267. Nettie (verified owner)

    I like this product I do. It just took me a few tries to get the right adjustment to the belt. I’m not giving it full 5 stars yet because I haven’t figured out as of yet how much gel to put on. Sometimes I feel like I put on too much other times I feel like I put too little. I will admit it does work though. You definitely feel your temperature warming up

  268. Heather Otremba (verified owner)

    Definitely makes you sweat more. I did put it on my arms and legs the first time and didn’t get the same effect. Now I just put it on my belly with the belt.

  269. Laquen I Mcclendon (verified owner)

    I always was the type that could not sweat. After my first use of the product I immediately notice the warm heated sensation so I knew it was working. Seeing sweat pour off my abdominal area expired me to workout harder. Thank you … In ladies use this especially during our bloating months to burn off excess water.

  270. Patty (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. The gel and the belt work great together. Looking forward to purchasing other products.

  271. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Great product! It does the job and gets my core sweating after each use. The gel works great as well

  272. Stefany (verified owner)

    This works like magic! I’m sweating a ton during my workouts and see my waist getting slimmer and slimmer

  273. Allison Spears (verified owner)

    i have honestly never liked a workout product more than this one! In the two weeks I’ve been using it almost daily and my stretch marks have lightened, I’ve lost an an inch and a half, and it helps motivate me during a workout feeling the heat! I love it!

  274. Anthony (verified owner)

    Purchased the sweat more bundle about a week ago, and very pleased so far.

  275. Beatriz Vera (verified owner)

    Extreme comfortable. Doesn’t move while running. Definitely recommend this product.

  276. Beatriz Vera (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable
    Buying another bottle soon

  277. Nes (verified owner)

    Liking it.

  278. Erika (verified owner)

    Works as described…but like every good product it’s not magic…results take hard work…this is great resources though…love the product!

  279. Lama (verified owner)

    Love it! My body is more toned now.

  280. Cindi (verified owner)

    Great! Does what it says. Makes you sweat more than I’m used too. With a great workout!!
    Love it makes me want to put it on and get to running ?‍♀️

  281. Cherry (verified owner)

    I love this product!❤️

  282. Monique Lucero (verified owner)

    I love this product!❤️ It will make you sweat ?

  283. Jacqueline Cobb (verified owner)

    I just started using it only used it 3 times now but can for sure its definitely making me sweat way more. Just waiting to see the end results

  284. JuDonne Davis (verified owner)

    I love this gel and waist trainer!! The gel heats up my core and makes me sweat more and burn more. I work harder when I’m sweating more. I’ll be recommending this product to all my friends!!

  285. Nicole (verified owner)

    Really love this product. It heats up my core when I workout And makes me sweat like crazy! I use the gel on other area’s to heat them up during my runs and workouts. I definitely have told lots people how great this product is.

  286. Christina (verified owner)

    Love this product, the sweat is serious! Excellent burn that you see and feel

  287. V Galindo (verified owner)

    Loved the product, as a first time user I read some of the reviews before and didn’t know what to expect, however once I tried it it felt amazing, I’ve used it for a couple of wks and I love it. No uncomfortable burning sensation, just warm as soon as I start working out, I sweat more which motivates me even more to push harder.

  288. Vanessa (verified owner)

    Love these items! Feel the heat as you sweat the pounds away. Capsaicin is a proven fat burner. Other items don’t nearly make you sweat as much. Love the heating sensation, not uncomfortable. Ready to sweat inches away especially in stubborn areas.

  289. Gris (verified owner)

    I love this product. It makes you sweat just like promised. I would definitely buy this product again.

  290. Kristal Alejandro (verified owner)

    Bundle pack is awesome, gel works extraordinary with wrap combo.

  291. Kristin (verified owner)

    I ordered the sweat ignition gel and belt almost a week ago. I’ve worked out five times with both and I’m obsessed with my sweat sesh!! Workouts at home after working for eight hours is so much better now. Getting excited to workout and sweat more after a long day!!

  292. Kristin (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my TC1 products!! Works great and only have used it for a week!!

  293. Valencia Daniels (verified owner)

    Really makes you sweat. Initially it would irritate my stomach but I started putting coco butter on prior and that has worked fine. Will definitely buy again!

  294. Dee (verified owner)

    The belt works great even on its own, the gel makes it better. You feel really good after a workout and yesss you sweat! Everyone has different skin types so I would suggest using just a little bit to start but I had no problem with it whatsoever. I wear the belt throughout the day just doing my normal day to day things. Great purchase

  295. Beth (verified owner)

    I have only been using it for a week. I love the way it makes you sweat. I look forward to wearing it when I workout. You feel great after a workout. I would recommend it!

  296. MARIBEL (verified owner)

    This works super good!! Really love it!! especially during my HITT workouts

  297. johanna (verified owner)

    It works great! I love the feeling of seeing how much i sweat with this, makes me feel motivated for my next work out.

  298. Court (verified owner)

    I love that you can feel this product working! Also I have a hard time sweating. So this definitely helps!

  299. Julie (verified owner)

    “It’s gunna make you sweat ’til you bleed, Is that dope enough? Indeed…” Well for starters, it won’t make you bleed, but it def makes you sweat! Hopefully now I have managed to get that song stuck in your head! It’s a good one, and should be in work out playlist, somewhere! Or maybe a different playlist? Ha!
    Anyway, I am really a fan of the TCI workout gel and sweat belt. I have been using it for six days now. I will admit the first two days, I was a bit sparing with the gel, so I didn’t experience it to it’s full potential. On the third day, I was more liberal with the gel and the outcome was very satisfying. Using the the products with my work out routine has been a great enhancement! It’s great for your core workouts but you might as well wear it for all your workouts! If you are considering the bundle, quit considering and pull the trigger!

  300. Michelle Elizondo (verified owner)

    Wasnt sure if I should waste my money as many sweat belts say the same. But I kept watching all the videos that would advertise it and I was a different approach. So I ordered the bundle. Used it for the first time a feel in love with it. When I tell you that the sweat just comes rolling down it really does. Would 100% recommend. I have had it for 1 week now and happy I purchased. Cant wait to order the workout bands next.

  301. Brenda (verified owner)

    I love it, makes me sweat so much.

  302. Madeleine Ruiz (verified owner)

    I love this product so much, I love the fact that you sweat so much and you can feel the sweat. So satisfying when you take the belt off and you see that all your hard work paid off with all the sweat!

  303. Sierra (verified owner)

    I was so surprised how great this work. Feeling it activate during my workout and how much sweat there was when I was done. Will definitely buy more !

  304. MERLINE MOMUS (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical at first but once I get the chance to use the product, I was amazed. I can’t do no workouts without it. This product is amazing

  305. Nat (verified owner)

    Only went for a casual stroll with the belt and the gel on and had a full on sweat going! Definitely worth it! Belt is good quality and easy to clean.

  306. Sylvia Tapia (verified owner)

    I have a hard time sweat. Especially trying to target my stomach on my workout and runs. Let me tell you this is AMAZING I never felt so accomplished and gross out on seeing sweat pour out my tummy!!! I LOVE it, I can definitely get the burn and progress with this jelly and stomach band!

  307. Jessica (verified owner)

    Okay so this may get a little lengthy. I’ll try to keep it short. LOVEEEEE the waist band, literally so much heat on its own.

    I’m a single mom, so I don’t get to leave the house for a run often, this is what i needed to get more from my at home workouts. Especially since my belly is a stubborn area for me.

    Had a bit of a plastic smell from being wrapped up, but I just washed it in the sink the night before, and rolled it up in a towel to get the water out and hung it to dry over night. I’ve also only worn it over a thin tank top because of that but once it subsides I’ll be putting it on my skin. Which I’m sure will be even betterrrr!

    Now the gel, I can’t wear it for more than 20 mins, it burns, but it feels so good. Lol, I was pretty red after, and I don’t feel like I used very much, maybe I’m sensitive to it, idk, However, I really love the feeling of it and after a cold shower it was tamed and my muscles still felt warm and stimulated after for about an hour. I’ll use it once a week because I’m a addicted now, but probably not more than that.

    I would just say, if it starts to feel like a sunburn you should take it off lol, but it’s so good! If you can handle the heat just doooo it! The waist band itself is gold! I’m a huge advocate for this company and I’ll forever workout with it, really realllyyyy love! Thank you so much. Amazing product. Told you this was long lol! But I hope it helps you! Just buy it already!!!!

  308. Andrea (verified owner)

    I was skeptical on how this would make me sweat. I don’t sweat at all, but using this I couldn’t believe the amount of sweat there was! You feel it working as you’re being active.

  309. Sara (verified owner)

    Love this product!! The amount of sweat that just pours off of you is CRAZY!!! Will continue to buy.

  310. Shela Johnson (verified owner)

    I wasnt sure if it would really work but it DOES!! THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING . NOW IM WANTING TO TRY THE SCULPTING GEL ?

  311. Veronica (verified owner)

    The first time I used it . I not only could feel the difference I seen the difference. This stuff really works. I seen a huge difference from the start. Anyone wondering if this really works give it a try . You won’t be sorry . And this stuff is worth every penny. Love love love the belt and the gel. I’ll definitely be ordering more gel .

  312. Haley (verified owner)

    Bought the sweat gel and belt combo… love it! I’ve only used it twice so far and worked out for at least one hour each time and the sweat came pouring out of the belt! Along with healthy eating habits and regular exercise…. you will definitely see results!

  313. Tori (verified owner)

    After reading reviews I applied small amount of the gel to prevent excessive burning. I was amazed how I could feel the heat activate with movement! Also very pleased with how much I sweat while wearing it! The only downfall is it does slide up when I run but I blame that on my anatomy not the belt 🙂

  314. Arlethia Washington (verified owner)

    Works just as advertised….heats the waist and body parts when gel is applied. Excellent results in my workout. I love to sweat.

  315. Marlena Perez (verified owner)

    First application I was a little worried after reading the reviews. I didn’t put too much but I put a thin layer and went for a run! Before I even got to my location I was on fire, but it was tolerable! After my run I was soaked! It worked perfect & I loved it! I would recommend to anybody!

  316. Carla (verified owner)

    When I ordered this bundle I couldn’t wait to try it out ! As soon as I started working out I could feel myself sweating more and more . It made me work 10x more plus I love to sweat lol

  317. Joey (verified owner)

    I was worried that this was another one of those products that don’t work but to my surprise it works great! It helped me sweat a lot more! I retain a lot of water on my body and with the TC1 gel along with the wrap, I lost a lot of water retention around my stomach area & back. I apply before I go for my workout. I’ve tried many products before and nothing worked as quickly as the TC1 gel. I recommend this product to anybody who wants to sweat more & lose more fast.

  318. Ashley (verified owner)

    Works wonders. Just as expected. Very happy.

  319. Crystal (verified owner)

    it really does work of course with proper diet and exercise. I put the gel on Along with the waist belt and Almost immediately feel it working when I start exercising is when I really feel it working and after I’m done I remove the waist belt and I’m dripping sweat don’t give this a bad review if you expect to put this gel on and magically loose the weight you also have to put in the work! What you put in is what you get out of it! Very satisfied with the product and will be ordering more great for the price as well!!! Thank you TC1 shop 🙂

  320. Debbie (verified owner)

    I’m a first timer so I wasn’t hesitant on purchasing from TC1gel. I look forward to cardio sessions now that I have this! I love sweating more!!

  321. Moriah (verified owner)

    The visual of the sweat dripping after a good workout is a great motivator! It definitely does what it says. I wear the belt with a hoodie while working out or walking and that helps double the sweat as well. You only need a small amount. I have pretty sensitive skin so i did notice a little irritation and decreased the amount and its perfect. It not only increases the heat under the belt but raises the enitre bodys temperature helping you sweat everywhere.

  322. TaKenda Clark (verified owner)

    Works as expected. I sweat so much already but this just adds to it. I look forward to my workouts now!

  323. Mar (verified owner)

    Never thought I will sweat so much!!! I can’t wearing to see the future results!!

  324. Kate (verified owner)

    It works great!!!??

  325. Lily (verified owner)

    I can’t believe what a big difference a little change makes! I sweat twice as much now when working out. The belt is working great!!!

  326. Gisela Castillo (verified owner)

    Works wonders! Such a great product. Helps you burn more and sweat more during your workout. Makes your workout much more intense helps you see results faster. Really recommend it.

  327. Deya (verified owner)

    I have been using TC1 workout gel with belt band over year. I apply it before every workout even if I am just cleaning the house I still put it on, let me tell you it WORKS!!! I gave birth 2017 I couldn’t find anything to get rid of my post-pregnancy belly I was size12 now I’m size 5. After loosing all that weight of course I will saggy skin, so I bought sculpting gel I’m so excited to try this product.

  328. Cherlin Dubon (verified owner)

    This is my third time using the TC1 gel and the sweat belt. The best product I have use my money on.

  329. Jerome Simmons (verified owner)

    This is by far the best invention ever. I’ve had my belt for 2 weeks now. And I use it 5 days a week. I’ve lost about 2 inches off my waist already. I’ve been promoting TC1 gel and belt to my family and friends. Thank you TC1 for coming into my life. Oh ps my spouse also has TC1

  330. Salena (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely unbelievable! It works great and does exactly what they say it does. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and already see a difference in my waistline! Don’t sleep on this one…. get yours ASAP!

  331. Sandra (verified owner)

    Awesome product, does what it says and delivers. I’ve begun using for 1 week so far and I get more out of my workouts with this sweat gel! Love it and will be ordering more in the future!

  332. Cheryl Conners (verified owner)

    This product and belt put the h in heat & the b in burn. I sweat like crazy & feel the product burning ? the fat!! Excellent!!

  333. Christina Schwend (verified owner)

    I’ve always struggled with my abs. Since I have been wearing this belt and using the cream, even is I just go for a run , I have already noticed a huge difference . I love this so much

  334. Edwin Valencia (verified owner)

    This actually works and makes your body sweat more then normal and helps burn more calories.

  335. Natasha Caldwell (verified owner)

    I have been using almost a week. I can tell my stomach is toning up. Can’t wait to see my results after one month.

  336. Megan (verified owner)

    I just started using my gel and belt 2 days ago, I am already OBSESSED! I definitely get more out of my workout now!

  337. Sam (verified owner)

    I love this! The gel is amazing!! And so is the belt. I feel super sore but great!

  338. Ava Campbell (verified owner)

    I love love this product!!!..:) I can literally felt the sweat running down my belly when working out and felt like I actually reduced my belly fat in one session of using this product with the belly wrap. Looking forward to working out tomorrow.

  339. Liza Renee (verified owner)

    This stuff is really amazing…I’ve only used it a few times so far but it makes you sweat A LOT! I love it. It starts to heat up as you work out and when Iam done and remove the belt…a POOL of water just falls out…I couldn’t believe it. Its a great motivator…I work out twice as hard. Thank you TC1

  340. Nathan (verified owner)

    My expectations were far exceeded! Belt fits great and gel is easily applied. Once you get into whatever you are doing, things get hot quickly! Very intense and different type of sweat, I will be purchasing again!

  341. Kim Chaves (verified owner)

    I’m in love with the gel and the waist wrap. The heat is warm enough to motivate you to work harder and the end result is amazing. You can see the results in your stomach as soon as you unwrap it and sweat pours out. Will keep buying and using this product!

  342. Yanet Rangel (verified owner)

    Love this!!! Makes my body sweat instantly ?

  343. Nathali Medina (verified owner)

    I generally don’t sweat though I workout 3-4 times a week. In trying to find something to kick start the burn I decided to give this a go. It exceeded my expectations! I use this to play racket sports, run, bike, etc. It was worth the money and I intend on continuing to buy more. Fantastic product.

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