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Sweat Ignition Workout Gel

$36.95 or $24.02 / month

Sweat more, Burn more.

As you naturally heat up from your workout our gel will activate, causing you to sweat more. There are a number of health benefits associated with an increased amount of sweat during a workout, including:

• Quicker Recovery
• Increased Immunity
• Improved Mood
• Heightened Energy Levels
• Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Health Problems
• Accelerated Weight Loss

How to Use: Rub Sweat Ignition Gel on your arms, legs, and stomach 20 minutes before your workout. Start your sweat-ignited workout and feel the heat increase the more you work!

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How to Use Sweat Ignition Gel

  1. Rub Sweat Ignition Gel on your arms, legs and stomach 20 minutes before you workout.
  2. Wrap our TC1 Sweat Belt around your stomach to lock in the gel for best results.
  3. Start your workout routine. As your body temp rises your will feel the heat from the gel start to warm you up causing you to sweat more.
  4. The heat will help keep your muscles loose through your workout and into post-workout helping with recovery.

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234 reviews for Sweat Ignition Workout Gel

  1. Victor Avila (verified owner)


  2. Beate (verified owner)

    I’ve been using a few months now and my definitely has lean out allot. Love the heat!!

  3. Lupe (verified owner)

    I absolutely love it

  4. Kiki Cido (verified owner)

    I am so impressed and absolutely in love with this Gel!! The BEST I’ve tried by far.

  5. Chantel (verified owner)

    Works so well! I really love how it heats up during your workout and leaves me with a great amount of sweat afterwards.

  6. Luis (verified owner)

    I first heard of this product via a video I watched from CT Fletcher. I decided to purchase it and was a bit skeptical to be honest. But wow was I wrong, I tried it at the gym yesterday during workout and I felt the heat.. Then I tried it inside the Sauna, and let me tell you normally I do 30 minutes inside the sauna. With the TC1 gel, I could only do 10 minutes I looked like I had just came out of a pool dripping sweat.. Definitely purchasing again

  7. Agnes (verified owner)

    Nunca en mi vida sude tanto como el primer día q probé el gel
    Estoy super contenta con la inversión q hice

  8. Loreen Barahona (verified owner)

    You actually feel the burn of the gel but its good burn because it actually works….. finally i found a product that would actually make you sweat like crazy… I really recommend this gel even if you are going to use it to exercise… you guys are going to love it and going to want to buy more and more….

  9. Shaun Fiveo Rez (verified owner)

    Amazing Gel product not just make me sweat more but also heats up my muscles though my skin this way your body warms up ready for workout a lot faster and also staying warm with it prevents injury such as pulling muscles or cramps . This gel doesn’t give you cold sweat but hot sweat from heart it produces to burn more fat! I use this everyday when I try I apply it everywhere from abs, sides, arms, shoulders and back!

  10. Wayne (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! Love seeing the sweat pour off when I take off my belt is gratifying.

  11. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I absolutely Love My TC1 workout gel. I Love the way it helps to warm up my muscles and keeps them warm and loose through the whole workout, no other product even comes close to doing that. I also love the way I sweat when wearing it, there is nothing better than the feeling of being drenched in sweat , with warm muscles at the end of a workout. On the rare occasions I forget to put it on or don’t have it in my gym bag, I actually leave the gym feeling like I missed a crucial part of my workout! Great product, easy to order with great customer service and it arrives fast!

  12. Jaylen Storms (verified owner)

    This gel is absolutely a game changer. I train MMA and I use this gel ALL the time. If you are trying to lose weight or even tone up you have to get this gel. Also get the sweat band that really activates this gel. Iv never had more sweat in my life. This is a must buy product!

  13. Lenwood (verified owner)

    I love this product! This is my 3rd time ordering and I highly recommend it!!

  14. Dawn Roberts (verified owner)

    I have been using TC1 since attending the Arnold this year. I loved the team that worked the booth, they were great and made my first time buying TC1 great. I bought 2 full size jars and they gave me a couple extra small samples that I then passed out and got a few other people hooked. I love that it doesn’t smell horrible like some other sweat creams that I have used. Its a gradual warm up without the burn that I have experienced with others. It really makes my midsection sweat while lifting and doing cardio. I’m glad that I stopped at the booth?

  15. Julienne (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product. No funky smell, lots of burn and creates lots of sweat ? Where this for all workouts and won’t go without it.

  16. Victor (verified owner)

    Great product. I don’t think I’ve ever sweat as much as I do with the TC1 gel highly recommend it

  17. Erica Clark (verified owner)

    I purchased the TC1 workout gel and I love it. I needed something to take my workout to the next level and this gel did just that! Thanks

  18. Elin (verified owner)

    This is so Good! It really work and i use it in the gym but also when do brasiliansk jijutsu ? love it !

  19. Carter Grace (verified owner)

    I am not a sweater. I just don’t sweat. But ever since I tried TC1 ignition I can’t stop. It heats my body, motivating me to work harder as well as soothes my muscles. You also don’t need to use a lot to make it affective so after 2+ months I still have a lot! I am in love with this product and I can’t say enough about it. Next for the cloth resistance bands!

  20. Nichi (verified owner)

    I would actually call this jar the Percolator. It’s so good I bought another!

  21. Michelle (verified owner)

    Ive been using for 2 weeks and all i van say is great product, i love it makes me sweat even more & makes my skin very soft too.

  22. Maria (verified owner)

    Love love this product. Does exactly what it says will be ordering more.❤❤❤?

  23. T (verified owner)

    I love that it makes me sweat harder.

  24. Angelica Garnica (verified owner)

    This product does just as described, be sure to put it on at least 20 minutes before your work out as it takes a while to start working. Once you hit the gym you will start feeling the heat!

  25. Denise (verified owner)

    It’s work! After one week I notice the difference, especially in my back fat! It really heats up once u start working out !!!but when I took my sweat belt off u would have thought I poured water on my belly the sweat dropped out and hit the floor like a splash!!! People if in doubt get it!!! Best thing ever

  26. James B (verified owner)

    I applied this after recently working out and was amazed at not only how this product made me feel but also how quickly it heated my core up without causing any discomfort. I have tried similar things and I also bought this with the belt and that makes it a great combination for sucess for my workouts. Honestly I am new to fitness and I am not exactly that great at all this but I talked to some friends of mine who have been into fitness for a very long time and I am glad I bought this product on some professional advice from some friends of mine. BUY this stuff you will not regret it. It works and it goes a long way!

  27. Victor (verified owner)

    This product is taking my workouts to a whole other level keeps your body warm & helps me push through amazing product hard to train without it

  28. Gwavonia S Carson (verified owner)

    I love this gel. It smells great and I definitely sweat when applied whether in the gym or at work. Excellent. Will keep buying.

  29. Diego (verified owner)

    This product is working well for me. I can definitely feel the burn and see more sweat.

  30. Mari Centeno (verified owner)

    It does a good job it’s definitely fantastic I love it.

  31. Kristina (verified owner)

    This does what they claim it will and I have tried other similar products and this was the best! I expected to be disappointed and am defiantly not!

  32. Marie (verified owner)

    I like this product because when I workout you can feel this product work. But I’m thinking I’m needing the band as well as the sculpting cream for it to have full effect.

  33. Felicia Smith (verified owner)

    This is an awesome product I get a good sweet every workout!!

  34. Michael (verified owner)

    As soon as your workout starts u can feel the gel go to work. Afterwards all the sweat that falls off is insane. I would definitely recommend this product.

  35. Ashley (verified owner)

    Awesome product will buy again

  36. Alice (verified owner)

    I am not an athlete in any way shape or form. I have used the gel and the belt twice so far. After my workout, I took the belt off and laughed. I was not expecting this to work so well. I rubbed the gel on my stomach and whatever was left over, I rubbed on my thighs and arms. I put the belt around my stomach and waited 15 minutes, getting myself ready to do my workout. When I started my workout the heat gradually built up in intensity as my workout got more intense. The heat is very pleasant also, it helps relax your muscles so you can go longer. I burned about 100 more calories than I would have had I not had the gel and belt on. I also liked that after I took my shower, and washed the gel off, I could still feel a little of the heat, so it was still working after I took it off, the heat eventually went away, around 30 minutes after my shower. I am in love with this product and can’t imagine doing a workout without it.

  37. Josh (verified owner)

    I applied this on the first time when I received the product. It killed my core and helped me sweat more and feel like I got what I needed out of it! If you don’t try this product you are missing out….

  38. Keisha (verified owner)

    First workout with it was great! After one week I’ll see my before and after results

  39. Dan Gooch (verified owner)

    I have been using TC1 Gel for about 2-years now and Love it. If i am working out i always apply the TC1 gel first thing. As an older lifter its a must have product for me, it heats up fast and the heat last for my whole work out and gives me the sweat and heat that i need for each lift. Most of all it gives me the relive that i need for my joints and muscle’s to move and react the way that i need them to react to achieve my workout each day and each week ! And esp for anyone who is older and very active i highly recommend TCl Gel.

  40. Kassandra Gomez (verified owner)

    Coming from someone that doesn’t sweat unless I take Pre workout this worked amazing !! Will be buying more!

  41. Yvette (verified owner)

    This is the best work out gel I have ever tried! I wore it around the house while doing chores and it made me sweat as if I was really working out. Can’t wait to try it during a real work out!

  42. Tina (verified owner)

    I’ve always used a belt during workouts since I was 17 years old.
    As getting older, I don’t sweat like used I to. So adding this has made a difference.
    For me it is much safer than using pre workout pills that make my heart race.

    Will keep buying. Thank you!

  43. Stephanie (verified owner)

    I love this product. I feel slimmer and tighter after every use.

  44. Rocio (verified owner)

    This gel is an investment that has helped me lose fat in less time in those areas that are difficult to reduce. It is worth this investment to achieve my goals.

  45. Danielle Martinez (verified owner)

    So I got the band before the gel (purchased separate) and I wore the band for two workouts and thought “holy crap. This is amazing!” Making me sweat like never before, without the gel. So the gel comes in and I thought “I should just return this, I won’t need it.” But among the Covid, I knew I wasn’t going to get to the post office and it wasn’t that expensive with a coupon code I had so I tried it out next day.

    GIRLLLL, when I took the band off after using the gel, a puddle fell out and I couldn’t believe it! While you’re working out, you literally feel the gel heating up and it gets hot but obvious it’s bearable. But the puddle that falls out. So freaking worth it. I have long nails so I need to scoop the gel out with the back of my nail to avoid getting it under my nails and later on my face, but this gel is amazing and I would def buy again!

  46. Rhonda Marshall (verified owner)

    This is one of the most amazing products I’ve ever tried that works amazing I will continue to use it for as long as they make it I give it 10 stars

  47. Vicky Carrizoza (verified owner)

    I Was A Little Iffy About Purchasing This After All I’ve Tried Several Just Like It But This One Is By Far The Best ! It Heats Up Motivating Because You Think To Yourself Like Man Im Burning Fat Which Makes You Wanna Keep Going ?(Running In My Case) Also Smells Like Lemon Which I LOVE .

  48. Amanda Benge (verified owner)

    Works great, I love it. You can use it by itself or with the sweat belt for better results you can really see.

  49. Diana Crist (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my sweat gel!! Works great and after my workouts I feel like I’ve been working out for hours and can still fell the effects hours later
    Definitely recommend this Tc1 gel
    Thank you Diana Crist

  50. Alexandra (verified owner)

    Super good gel, burning sensation motivates me to workout even more! Really good product because it makes me sweat so much

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