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Sweat Ignition Workout Gel

$36.95 or $24.02 / month

Sweat more, Burn more.

As you naturally heat up from your workout our gel will activate, causing you to sweat more. There are a number of health benefits associated with an increased amount of sweat during a workout, including:

• Quicker Recovery
• Increased Immunity
• Improved Mood
• Heightened Energy Levels
• Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Health Problems
• Accelerated Weight Loss

How to Use: Rub Sweat Ignition Gel on your arms, legs, and stomach 20 minutes before your workout. Start your sweat-ignited workout and feel the heat increase the more you work!

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How to Use Sweat Ignition Gel

  1. Rub Sweat Ignition Gel on your arms, legs and stomach 20 minutes before you workout.
  2. Wrap our TC1 Sweat Belt around your stomach to lock in the gel for best results.
  3. Start your workout routine. As your body temp rises your will feel the heat from the gel start to warm you up causing you to sweat more.
  4. The heat will help keep your muscles loose through your workout and into post-workout helping with recovery.

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236 reviews for Sweat Ignition Workout Gel

  1. Vanessa (verified owner)

    I have tried a lot of sweat gels but Tc1 is by far the best one! When I feel it starting to heat up I know I am burning fat and one step closer to reaching my goals and it smells good 🙂

  2. KatM (verified owner)

    At first i was skeptic but this stuff Works good. No order or smell, No burning. When i take off my belt it’s dripping sweat. Thanks TC1

  3. Big eyes (verified owner)

    I’m glad I took a chance because this stuff really makes you drip sweat!

  4. Niece (verified owner)

    Feel the burn!! This product does what it claims. Pleasant smell & helps to sweat & helps recovery time & sore muscles.
    I recommend if you want to sweat and loose weight.

  5. Yuribel Diaz (verified owner)

    This gel and the belt was the best purchase I ever made !!!!! Today I purchased the arm trimmers and can’t wait to see how they will make my arms sweat !

  6. Jess (verified owner)

    Was skeptical but haven’t sweat this much in my life! It’s great!

  7. Kris (verified owner)

    Capsaicin based and it’s noticeable.

    If you’ve ever been pepper sprayed, and you’re male you know what I mean by after burn when you’re in the shower. This product does NOT have that thank goodness.

    Cons: not a noticeable change in sweat from my usual 1 mile “run” (10:15 min mile) with a sauna suit on, or even with the gel, belt and suit. Burns during cool down. Unable to purchase the larger belt for 2 plus months and counting.

    Pros: no smell, easy to wash off, doesn’t burn the the man parts.

  8. Soreeya (verified owner)

    Love the extra heat it gives. Extra sweat for sure.

  9. Sasha (verified owner)

    I have tried many other products out there like this, but this one is by far the best. It does burn slightly but that’s how I know it works and is doing its job. I will definitely be ordering more!!

  10. Kiara (verified owner)

    Love this product. Haven’t used it for to long but I can really tell the difference. Would recommend

  11. Enrique Gonzalez (verified owner)

    As soon as you put it on it starts working!! Amazing. I mainly lift weights and let me tell you, I’m sweating double the amount.

  12. Bridgette Ann Brown (verified owner)

    I love how this works! I’ve used a different named brand one and wasn’t happy about it. But this….is great. I’m on my second bottle already. It takes about 15-30 mins to start, and sweat like crazy! Love it

  13. Deyanire (verified owner)

    I have been using TC1 workout gel with belt band over year, let me tell you it works. After my daughters birth 2017 I couldn’t find anything that will help me get rid of swollen belly, I was size 12 now I’m size 5. I just bought the sculpting gel I’m so excited to try it! Stay tune .!

  14. Jose (verified owner)

    This S*** is great!! Sweat like a S.O.B.!!! Doesn’t stink but it does stain a bit, only reason i gave 4stars instead of 5.

    *I believe they do state that somewhere though…. all in all, ?

  15. Gabriela ortega (verified owner)

    This product works amazing it makes you sweat a lot

  16. Wensy (verified owner)

    This product is different than what I have tried before. I like

  17. Abs (verified owner)

    This stuff actually works. Was nervous to try it at first because my skin is sensitive and I was afraid it would irritate me BUT luckily it doesn’t ? I can even have it on for full hr workout and still no irritation. So satisfying when you remove the belt and you see the sweat from your workout. Definitely recommend this product with the belt for a boost in your workouts ?

  18. Angela S. (verified owner)

    I am loving this product so far, it does optimize my workouts. I wasn’t prepared for the heating sensation around my midsection as I’ve tried other products but nothing like the heat this one gives LOL now I can take it because I’m used to it. When they say IGNITION, they weren’t lying

  19. Victoria (verified owner)

    I’ve never had a problem working up a sweat during my workouts, but this product definitely takes it into overdrive! And the results become noticeable right away. I recommend for places where stubborn fat tends to cling on to

  20. Ivonne (verified owner)

    Bought this because my sister has been using it over a year now and she’s had amazing results. Well let me just say it’s hard for me to break a sweat even if I’m working out hard but with this Bby a sweat was sure broken? I have NEVER sweated so much in my life but I felt so good and happy to be using it. Highly recommend!

  21. O smith (verified owner)

    I’ve used this twice and was unsure being that a lot of athletes mentioned it burns . But – no- I haven’t had that problem . It does provide a good sweat . Good so far .

  22. Krystal (verified owner)

    I looove this cream. I can feel the sweat dripping down while I workout, and when I remove my sweat belt I leave puddles of sweat on my floor. Will continue to buy.

  23. Nicole (verified owner)

    Ive been using mine for two days now and I’m feeling confident about my ending results

  24. Natalie (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  25. Danielle (verified owner)

    How long do you feel the heat I showered n I still feel the heat

  26. a. trimble (verified owner)

    I have to say while I don’t look like the people I’ve seen on advertising, I believe this product does its job. Every time I take my sweat belt off after a workout I must be outdoors because the sweat pours out! This combined with hard work will get you results.

  27. Allegra (verified owner)

    Very intense and does exactly what it says it does!!

  28. Rissa Ortiz (verified owner)

    AMAZING ! Tried it for the first time , and this right here had me sweating ! I would recommend this to anyone ! Def gets hot 🥵 but so worth it !

  29. Claudette A Walker

    I love this product! I don’t EVER workout without it. I definitely see a BIG difference in my stomach when I use the gel and the belt together. I lost inches within days. TRY IT YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.

  30. Claudette A Walker

    I love this product! I don’t EVER workout without it. I definitely see a BIG difference in my stomach when I use the gel and the belt together. I lost inches within days. TRY IT YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED.

  31. AstridElla

    I’ve been using this magical stuff with the belt for a year now. I sweat like crazy on my mid section. I would never work out without this. I also apply to my arms and legs. I love this stuff. A little goes a long way so it lasts foreverrrrr!!!!

  32. Sherron Thomas

    I have been using this product gracefully, with the seat belt. I am loving the results I just had to reorder. Best product yet🙌👍👍👍

  33. Joshua Gonzalez

    I enjoy how this product helps me sweat, I still need to try the waist belt. This gel helps so much with just a bit of product.

  34. Audra

    The best topical thermogenic I’ve ever tried! The heat keeps my muscles loose and pain free so I can push my workouts to the limits.

  35. PECK


  36. Monica

    Increíble el como este gel hace sudar . Mi estómago se ha reducido bastante , son increíbles los resultados que he obtenido.

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