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Sweat Belt


Using the TC1 Sweat Belt fast-tracks your natural core temperature increase during a workout. Pair your TC1 Sweat Belt with an application of TC1 Workout Gel to enhance your exercise. The TC1 Sweat Belt is bound to become your new workout must-have!


TC1 Sweat Belt Features:

  • Superior heat insulation provided by premium latex-free neoprene.
  • The belt’s inner lining prevents slipping and bunching during your workout.
  • The belt is naturally flexible to comfortably fit around your waist. Adjusts to most shapes and sizes.


  • The dimensions of the regular belt are 41 inches long and 7 ½ inches wide. Fits men and women sizes X-Small to X-Large.
  • The dimensions of the larger belt are 10 inches wide X 51 inches long. Fits men and women sizes X-Large to XXX-Large.

How to Use:

  • Simply stretch the belt around your middle torso under your gym clothes and secure the Velcro.
  • Start your sweat-ignited workout.

Recommended: Rub TC1 Sweat Ignition Gel on your arms, legs and stomach and wrap the Sweat Belt 20 minutes before your workout.

Care instructions for Sweat Belt: Simply wipe down with a damp cloth after each use, rinse and hang to dry. Do not machine wash.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in

64 reviews for Sweat Belt

  1. Hayat

    This has to be the best product! Their customer service is amazing. I had problem with my order and they send me replacement right away. Since then I have been using it whenever I exercise and I have seen a difference on my belly. The product is soft and comfortable. You can even wear it even if u are not exercising. I highly recommend it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Meli

    I love it !!!!!

  3. DiAnna

    I used a different brand waist trainer with my TC1 gel, and nope did not sweat like I should have. Got the TC1 belt and it did it’s job Great!

  4. Amanda B

    came packaged neatly!
    I am so excited to start this journey

  5. Nayeli Moreno

    As of my journey, this belt did help as well as the sweat gel I purchased. However it’s only been 4 months since I bought it and it’s already lost its Velcro strength which sucks…I probably won’t purchase again but it was nice while it lasted :/

  6. Celeste

    At first my abs had a reaction to the belt and gave me a rash, but with the time it went away and everything is fine now! Great product!

  7. Cindi

    It actually really works I use it for all my work outs, I highly recommend it.

  8. Brittney

    makes me sweat twice as much as I did working out without a sweat belt.

  9. Monique Luckett

    The sweat band works just like they it does. You’ll sweat all the fat away I definitely recommend it!

  10. kno

    Really like the product at first. Definitely got a really good burn during my workouts but maybe after a month or 2 there was a rip in the rubber lining. And soon after more tears popped up. Ended up having to throw it away.

  11. Maria

    I always wear when I’m working out, I’d say 10 min tops is how long it takes to start sweating. I did not buy the gel or anything else with it and sweat still pours off, the inside is like a rubber it’s not uncomfortable and stretches.

  12. Lianna

    The sweat belt is one of the best belts I’ve ever used so far. I feel so accomplished after workouts because the amount of sweat that I see when I take off that belt. It’s worth it! I’m satisfied!

  13. Daria Rodriguez

    I’ve had this band for quite some time now and it remains in great condition. I use it very often and sweat like crazy! Love it!

  14. Dani

    Love this band. So comfy! Dries fast! Durable and comfy during my runs! Haven’t seen results as of yet, but it’s only been 5 days. With the gel,I burn up within 15-20 minutes of activation time. One day I opened the belt up and a pool of water fell out! No joke, it’s doing something!

  15. Lainey Moore

    I haven’t seen results quite yet, but every time I’ve used it the amount of sweat was insane!

  16. gina.g

    I received it two weeks ago been using it since then one hour on the treadmill !! And man when I take it off it’s sweaty! And all the fat is burning haha.. I have a pouch do to my c section and with just using this it’s slowly going down can’t wait for the result of 3 months ?

  17. Sheik Barnes-Bey

    We received the product and it was exactly as described very well designed. It actually covers the intended area. We are very pleased with the purchase.
    Thank You

  18. Wendi

    I have been using product for about a weeks during my home workouts and I even use it during my home workouts and 5 mi runs. I love that it doesnt move or is too stiff to work out. It stays in place the entire time! My favorite part is taking it off after working out and seeing the puddle of sweat. Thats without the Gel!! Overall very satisfied with this purchase

  19. Victoria Hernandez

    Love it,

  20. Mercedes

    I use it every day when I go to the gym, also when I clean the house. When I take it out sweat is dripping down. I love it!

  21. James B

    I am new to all this workout stuff but I realize that the better tools you have for the job equals the best outcome. When I ordered this I was not expecting what I got. TC1 puts care in their products. This used with the GEL is a great FIT for your workout. Just put the TC1 Gel feel the burn as the belt keeps everything snuggly against you and doing its Job. Great product. I am gonna buy more products cause TC1 has some great products overall! Also I am glad they have the LARGE size cause I am not exactly very thin just yet in the midsection. Maybe a few more months of working out with TC1. I can totally feel the difference! I am glad my gym buddies turned me onto this company.

  22. Zuly

    I really love this belt!!! I other a second one for my daughter ?

  23. Paula High

    So happy with these two amazing products talk about sweat Wow !!!!
    I used another belt with the gel no sweat at all purchased the belt after wards and talk about open up the flood gates to sweat man it really works!!!
    I’m so amazed with these two products so glad I purchased these two gel, belt,
    I call it Dynamic Duo!!!

  24. May

    The size is perfect and it helps you sweat a lot.??

  25. Lara

    Been using the sweat band for about 3 weeks and its durability is keeping up. Of all the other sweatbands that i invested this one does not break apart

  26. Miyra


  27. Maria torres

    I love it , it really works I’m ready to loose this height again

  28. Dean

    Strap works well. Even without using the gel it still makes your torso feel warm/hot and makes you sweat like a pig.

  29. Shalini

    Wow. This product is amazing. Felt the sweat in just one workout. Love it. Thank you.

  30. Tami

    I have only been using this for a week but love this product! Works as expected and I do get a great sweat. I like how the Velcro strap fastens in the middle of the belt so it does not come in contact with the skin.

  31. Shannon

    Fits great, no bulky or coming loose during workouts. Love this! Thank you

  32. Ana Hernandez

    Great product, makes you sweat sweat sweat.

  33. Agnes

    Es super increíble, tiene el largo necesario y me cubre a perfección

  34. Kayla Johnson

    Great product. Makes me sweat and really makes my core feel great after a workout.

  35. Maggie

    I guess as a heavy person finding a sweat band that covers one of my rolls would be ideal. I did see however notice that it works and would like it to fit me but it rolls up due to me being hefty.

  36. Minie

    Omg! The sweat is crazy! I have noticed the difference on my waist!!! If i dnt have it on i dnt feel like i got a workout done! Thanks TC1

  37. Karla M

    I’ve been using this belt for the past 2weeks every time I go to the gym and I already see results in my stomach I’m glad I made this purchase and I’m very thankful because I’ve never thought that there was something else out there that was going to help me get to where I want to be I know this belt is going to help me but it also needs you to work a long with it Thank you TC1 You just made me Part of your family #TC1Fam I strongly recommend it

  38. Charity

    Great belt love it

  39. Karima Spates

    I love this sweat belt . I use it every time I go to the gym and I already see results .

  40. Diana Galaviz

    This is my second belt already because I love it and I really sweat a lot wouldn’t won’t any other belt out there THANKS foe your amazing product the BEST?❤?

  41. La Duenas

    This belt is amazing! Definitely does exactly as expected!

  42. katie

    Ordered it June 30th, and it delivered on August 1st in the morning! And it’s amazing quality!! Definitely recommend!

  43. Tiffany

    This belt is absolutely perfect. I love how the Velcro is only where you need it & won’t irritate you during a workout. The gel combined with the belt is the best combo ?

  44. MarMar

    This product is amazing for a mommy trying to get rid of her baby weight! Love it!

  45. Tia

    This belt is the one. You really don’t have to exercise to get results. You will sweat so much is crazy. 5*****

  46. Dina

    This belt is true to its word, I use every evening while I’m at the gym and I come home with sweat dripping off my stomach and the belt …it’s big enough to adjust to all sizes …great product!

  47. Jessika

    This belt is awesome!! And that is without the gel. I have yet to buy and try the gel but if it works great without it I’m assuming with it will be amazing results.

  48. Sadik Gaskin

    Great product producing great results! Keep it up

  49. Flaquita

    Esta super comada y es muy efectiba Claro con un poco de ejersicio y dedicacion ?

  50. Geldary

    I’m impress I recently bought it and I love the results so far .

  51. Diana Fernandez

    I was so impressed with this product that I’m getting ready to order one for my husband. This belt melts off body fat and I’m losing inches fast!

  52. Diana Diaz

    I recently purchased the TG1Gel belt and I absolutely love it. I use it with my TG1gel cream and it makes me sweat so so much! It holds on pretty good and doesn’t slip off. Definitely worth the price!

  53. Yareli Regalado

    This is so amazing I have used a different waist trainers and this one is literally the top five it works great I’m obsessed with it I have literally recommended my friends to get it I do send them Snapchat’s it’s just wow when I started working out and it did it’s thing it’s great ? ???????

  54. Monica Fonseca

    I love it!

  55. Marisa

    192 lbs: I’m 40 inches around the mid section and 43 inches around the lower section where you tummy hangs a little love over the jeans! Perfect fit for me!

    I have had my fair share in belt:
    2 came from academy. Both of them had horrible Velcro. They didn’t do much work it was a true waste of money because after the fourth run and cleaning it, had to go buy another one. Now prices compared I also went to Dick’s sporting goods as well for the exact same one again worst mistake.
    I have ordered one from amazon. I worked but the true struggle was to keep it from not rolling down. I mean if it’s rolling down no reason to use it.

    Using this particular belt had no rubbing, I had actual posture while I run. It was a fitted feeling and it was a great add with the gel I had bought as well! I had no bulk look. It’s easy to clean! There material is incredible! There is no reason to not buy! I love that I can wear this and not have to guess what size I need! It’s one size!!!

  56. Salma

    I’ve owned a few sweat belts and this has been by far the best one! It’s not bulky and the price is great. I can tell a huge difference in my abdomen after using the belt on a regular basis with my lifting routine.

  57. Daniela Avelino

    It has great grip and definitely fits every size, thank you so much!

  58. Humberto Hernandez

    This belt absolutely works and makes you sweat like you need to. First week using this I notice a change. When before I was sweating now I’m sweating double the amount.

  59. Diana Ramirez

    Absolutely loved it! Makes a great difference in my workout!

  60. April

    doesn’t feel like you’re wearing it because it’s so light. You can adjust it how tight you want it. I love it!

  61. Kasia

    Got the sweat band last week and from the moment I started wearing it I felt amazing! I have never ever in my life sweat that much in my mid section!!!
    I have purchased a few belly bands but was never happy with them, because they rolled or didn’t fit right of broke after a few uses. But the sweat band is not only well made but effective 😀

  62. Amy G

    I love these products. I don’t do a single workout without putting at least the belt on.

  63. Liz

    Awesome makes me sweat 10x compared to any other sweatband

  64. Alexa

    I love this belt and all the TC1 products, you guys are the best!

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