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Arm Trimmers

(6 customer reviews)

Are your arms your #1 target area?

Tone and define them with our Arm Trimmers!

  • Targeted performance
  • Stability & endurance
  • Premium quality, smarter design
  • Anti-slip inner lining
  • Designed to fit almost any body

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Our Customers Can't Wait To Feel It Working!

TC1 | Arm Trimmers
TC1 | Arm Trimmers

Sweat More When You Use TC1 Sweat Ignition Gel + Sweat Belt!

TC1 Sweat Ignition Gel is one of the few topical thermogenic gels that uses multiple thermogenic ingredients to help you sweat harder than you ever have before.  Activated by your hard work, our Sweat Ignition Gel helps you sweat harder during cardio, circuit training, HIIT training, or even lifting in the gym.  Our gel can be applied and rubbed in so it can be used in dry or infrared saunas, or even in the pool. For best results, grab this bundle so that you can use our Sweat Belt too!

TC1 | Arm Trimmers
TC1 | Arm Trimmers

Easy As 1...2...3 To Use!

1. Pop open your TC1 Sweat Ignition Gel and rub in enough gel to cover your entire desired target sweat area.

2. Put on the TC1 Sweat Belt and tighten.  Make sure the belt is secured well using our easy velcro system.

3. Get To Work!  TC1 Sweat Ignition Gel is activated by your hard work in the gym.  You’re already pushing yourself, we are just here to make sure your effort goes to the next level.

TC1 | Arm Trimmers


Are your arms your #1 target area?

Train and tone them with our Arm Trimmers!

TARGETED PERFORMANCE: Designed to effectively insulate the limbs, increasing blood circulation and heat. This helps sweat off toxins faster and get the most out of workouts.

STABILITY & ENDURANCE: Mild compression around the muscles improves the kinetic chain while better circulation aids in lactic acid uptake and tissue recovery; train safely and comfortably with free weights or during cardio.

PREMIUM QUALITY, SMARTER DESIGN: Refined with complete hemming for stylish finish and improved durability; manufactured from 100% latex-free, odorless, and completely non-toxic neoprene for sensitive skin.

ANTI-SLIP INNER LINING: The tactile inner surface helps to hold the trimmer in place against perspiring skin. The lightweight bands can be worn comfortably beneath clothing, but should always be worn directly against the skin for optimal effect.

DESIGNED TO FIT ANY BODY: Fits arms up to 15.5 inches in circumference (39.5cm).

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6 reviews for Arm Trimmers

  1. Martin Banks

    Theses are great products

  2. Yuribel Diaz

    This is my third item I bought from TC1 and so far it’s being the best purchases I ever made in my life !!!! Makes you sweat a lot ! I will definitely keep purchasing from this website, I’m inlove !

  3. Cassandra Tripoli

    These arm trimmers work well and makes your arm sweat and stay heated all throughout your workout! I excited to see how they trim my arms as I get more sculpted.

  4. Priscilla

    I love it, today was my third day using them and I sweat a lot with these. Hopefully later I get to tone up my arms

  5. Felicia Smith

    This product has slimed my arms since I started using them I love them!!

  6. Jessica Suggs

    Love these!!!!!

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