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How to Use Your Sweat Ignition Workout Gel (Plus 6 Hot Tips!)

TC1 | How to Use Your Sweat Ignition Workout Gel (Plus 6 Hot Tips!)


You just bought your belt and your Workout Gel and you’re ready to get your sweat on– awesome! To help you get the most out of them, we collected some best practices. 

First things first, let’s apply your Workout Gel. 

We’ve put together these helpful steps and hot tips to get started.


  1. Evenly apply a small amount of Sweat Ignition gel around your midsection, massaging gently. We suggest you use a small amount the first time to get a feel for the heat. Everyone reacts differently so once you get a feel for it you can adjust for the next time if you want it hotter by adding a little more each time until you find your perfect amount! 
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying. You want to be sure to keep it away from your eyes and sensitive areas.
  3. Put your belt on, snugly, over your midsection. The snugger your belt, the more you’ll hold the heat and sweat in (just make sure it’s comfortable and you can still work out!) Our belts are pretty flexible so you should be fine doing your normal workout routines. 
  4. After your workout, take your belt off and wipe off any excess gel and sweat trapped under your belt. Take a cooler shower because a hot shower may re-activate the heat. 



  1. Don’t want to get it on your hands?  You can use a plastic glove or makeup applicator–– just be sure to rub it in really good.  
  2. Your gel is heat activated.  Apply the gel and belt 15-20 minutes before starting your exercises to give the gel a chance to soak into the skin. This is a good time to start with your warmups because the gel is heat activated. The more your body temp rises the more you will feel the heat. Everyone is different and this is why we suggest starting with a small amount of gel the first time to get a feel for the heat.
  3. Embrace the HEAT! The heat is a great motivator. The more you feel it the more you want to push harder. You know your workout is working when you feel that heat and see that sweat dripping! 
  4. Keep cleansing wipes handy.  If you wear your belt to the gym or elsewhere, keep a packet of antibacterial cleansing wipes handy to wipe it down after your workout. Just be sure to cleanse thoroughly with soap and rinse with water then hang it up to dry every few uses. 
  5. Keep the inside of your belt well-protected by folding your belt in half, logo side out, before rolling it. This will keep the rubber interior free from wear and tear so it continues to perform and last to its full potential. 
  6. Drink lots of water. Your belt will make you sweat, sweat, sweat so be sure to replenish your body. 

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