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How to Enjoy Cheat Day in the Healthiest Way

TC1|How to Enjoy Cheat Day in the Healthiest Way

Take a load off in the name of self-care and let TC1 do the work.

You work hard to keep your body in good shape and your health where it needs to be, but some days, you need to take a break. Working in a cheat day on occasion where you can let loose, enjoy some of your favorite foods, and skip the heavy workouts can prevent all-out burnout so you can keep on with your fit way of life.


The key is to make sure a cheat day is just that: a day—never let the day off stretch into several. You can take a day to cheat and still stay healthy. Here are a few ways to enjoy a cheat day in the healthiest way possible. 

eat your favorite foods

Give meal planning the day off, but stay on track by making sure you give your body the nutrients it needs. Try a smoothie with banana, peanut butter, and a scoop of our whey protein for a sweet treat or TC1 protein & greens for added antioxidants, probiotics, and immune support. It’s fine to eat some of the snacks you’ve been craving, but still, make sure you give your body what it really needs. 

Plan Your Cheat Day in Advance

When you plan for your cheat day, you have a little structure about when and what happens on that specific day. Go ahead and pick a day on the calendar that you plan to scale back on your workout or nutrition routine. Some people opt for planning a cheat day around a special event, such as around a holiday dinner or on a day when you have to be out of town. 

find your flow

Did you know that stress can cause increased cortisol levels, which translates to more stubborn belly fat? Practicing yoga or light stretching regularly can help release endorphins and reduce stress! On cheat day, take it easier than usual and just do a little light yoga and pull out your cloth-resistance bands to aid in a bit of stretching. You may be skipping the vigorous workout but you’ll still be doing something good to your body. 

Get Cozy and Get Some Rest

Catch up on lost sleep and double down on a routine that works best for you. Sometimes, a good cheat day is all about a little rest and relaxation, so cozy up in your new favorite sweats for men and women, sleep in a little longer than usual, and even take a nap to get a little added rejuvenation. You may even consider scheduling a massage or a day at the spa as a special treat.

Keep It Fresh 

Even though your cheat day is bound to involve a little indulging in foods you usually forgo, try to keep those foods fresh. Your big day may only be 24 hours, but eating a bunch of processed foods can really be hard on your body. Opt for the freshest indulgences possible. For example, if you intend to have pica on cheat day, opt for a place that uses all fresh ingredients or make your own. 

Continue to Hydrate 

Good levels of water intake can help your body counteract any of the added stuff you put in on cheat day. Plus, if your water intake is good, you will be less likely to overindulge because water reduces hunger. Keep your TC1 32-ounce water bottle on hand for the day to keep your food intake in check and your body well-hydrated. 

Focus On What It Is You Really Want 

If you have been doing without a lot of things as part of your healthy lifestyle, cheat day can feel like a free-for-all binge-fest. However, instead of going crazy and grabbing everything you’ve been craving, focus on what you have really been craving. Ice cream? Chocolate brownies? Fried chicken? Pick a few of the things from your list and stick to those. 

Schedule Big Nutritional Splurges for Early in the Day 

If possible, do your splurging earlier in the day well before bedtime. If you know your cheat day is going to involve a high-carb meal with more fat than usual, schedule that meal earlier around lunch instead of later at dinner. This will give your body time to burn off some of the extra calories before your head hits the pillow at night. 

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