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How do I wash the sweat belt and/or thigh wraps? 

Use a soapy wash cloth to clean the belt then rinse it off and hang to dry after each use.


Can I use TC1Gel While I’m pregnant or nursing?

Do not use TC1Gel while pregnant, nursing, or trying to become pregnant.


Can I use TC1Gel if I have any medical conditions or on medication?

Consult your physician before using.


What do I do if I accidentally get some TC1Gel in my eye?

Wash your hands with soap and cold water, then rinse your eye with cold water.


Can I use TC1Gel over sunblock or body lotion?

Sunblock and lotions can create a barrier making it less effective. Always apply TC1Gel to your lotion free body. 


Will TC1Gel stain my clothes?

TC1Gel is petroleum based and may cause some staining so be sure to wash in cold water after work outs.


Is it normal to show signs of redness?

Some skin types will show a temporary redness that will go away shortly after wiping off TC1 with a cool damp towel.