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TC1 | Doing these fat burning ab workouts could make the difference

Doing these Fat-Burning Ab Workouts
May Make the Difference

From meal replacement shakes to following a random exercise video, people will try a lot of things to eradicate stubborn belly fat. The fact is, the abs can be one of the hardest points in your body to work out, which also means trying to reduce belly fat is not always the easiest feat. Here is a look at some of the fat-burning ab workouts you can try that may truly help you lose belly fat.

TC1 | Doing these fat burning ab workouts could make the difference


Planking works the transverse abs, which are located within your abdomen and act as the foundation for your stomach muscles.

  1. While sitting on your knees, walk your hands outward until your wrists are under your shoulders

  2. Fully extend your legs to force your body into a straight line

  3. Keep your abs tightened when you reach the straightened state and hold for up to 60 seconds

  4. Retreat to the on-your-knees position and repeat the process
TC1 | Doing these fat burning ab workouts could make the difference

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are like a moving plank exercise, and this particular exercise can help you get rid of belly fat.

  1. Move into a planking position with your hands positioned under your shoulders

  2. Hold your core tightened by imagining you are pulling your belly button to your spine

  3. Pull your left knee up to your chest as if climbing, and then put it back

  4. Pull your right knee up to your chest, and then move it back

  5. Repeat, alternating sides, and holding your core tight
TC1 | Doing these fat burning ab workouts could make the difference


Sprawls are a relatively new workout component and a bit like a hyped-up version of a burpee.

  1. Stand with feet apart about the same width as your shoulders

  2. Squat down, place plans flat on the ground in front of you

  3. Supporting your upper body, jump both feet back until you’re in a planking position

  4. Lower your body like you’re doing a pushup

  5. Jump feet outward beyond the width of your hands
  6. Push your body back up off the ground into a planking position and then a squat

  7. Repeat
TC1 | Doing these fat burning ab workouts could make the difference

Russian Twists

Grab a medicine ball for this exercise, which gives your obliques an excellent workout.

  1. Sit on the floor, knees bent, and feet held off the ground

  2. Holding the medicine ball near your chest, lean backward until your body is at a 45-degree angle

  3. Turn yourself at the waist to move the ball to your right, and then to your left, tightening your obliques in the process

  4. Move your ribs, not your arms, as you shift from side to side to work out your abs
TC1 | Doing these fat burning ab workouts could make the difference

Glute Bridge March

The glue bridge march works out your primary abdominal muscles, as well as your transverse abs.

  1. Lie flat on your back, legs slightly bent, feet flat, heels just beneath your knees

  2. Push your arms directly over your chest with your plans up

  3. Lift your hips from the floor to create a straightened line from your knees up to your shoulders
  4. Tightening your abs, lift your knee to a 90-degree angle over your hip and hold

  5. Lower the leg and repeat the process with the opposite leg
TC1 | Doing these fat burning ab workouts could make the difference

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A Healthy Life and Diet Can Also Enhance Your Results

If you really want to lower belly fat, you may need to take a more well-rounded approach to your efforts. Ab workouts are key, but your dietary choices and even every day habits can have a lot of influence over belly fat. Something as simple as swapping a high-calorie, high-fat breakfast with a protein-based meal replacement powder shake can make a huge difference. Likewise, opting to walk when you can and take the stairs instead of the elevator can help get your blood pumping and your metabolism activated.

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