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Are you making these 2 Costly Fat Loss Mistakes?

TC1|Are you making these 2 Costly Fat Loss Mistakes?


In this article, we’re going to talk about 2 mistakes you want to avoid when trying to lose fat. Let’s get to it


No matter your metabolism, age, gender, or training history, there is a relative set point in which our bodies decide to backfire against our fat loss efforts.

Regardless of how hungry you are and how little you’re actually consuming, when you’re severely underfed for many months, your body will actually store what little calories you do consume as fat. You may have heard this otherwise referred to as ‘starvation mode’ .

Want to do a quick check to see if you’re undereating? It’s easy. 

Take your weight in pounds and multiple it by 10. The number you get is a approximately the number of calories you burn at rest without any additional activity.

Weight training and doing some cardio? Depending on your exact training protocol, you could be burning an additional 200-600 calories each day.

If you’re eating the same number of calories you’re burning without exercise, there’s a good chance you’re not eating enough. Do this for years and you’ll find eventually your body adapts to these calories therefore making it harder to lose fat.

Ever hear of someone eating next to nothing and somehow gaining weight? This is the result of eating too little for too long.

Do your homework before following a program that calls for extreme low calorie dieting. Most credible professionals will ensure you’re eating enough to lose weight for an appropriate amount of time based on your metabolic capacity.

Ditch the extremes and fads. Instead, focus on sustainability by fueling your body for your training, lifestyle and fat loss goals. 

This brings us to our second mistake.


While it’s just as important to allow adequate rest between weight lifting sessions, it’s actually excessive cardio that can sneak up and stall your fat loss.

When you exercise, specifically when you perform LISS cardio, your body attempts to adapt to the stimulus. It’s fighting to “handle” the stress you’re putting on it.

This principle is exactly why you should be weary of adding in too much cardio to create a caloric deficit. 

Your body is built to adapt and does so fairly quickly. This is why you should utilize HIIT cardio as it’s more difficult for your body to adapt to. 

Whenever you overdo LISS cardio, your body becomes acclimated to this amount of activity, causing less of a caloric burn. 

This might not seem like an issue right but fast forward to 6 months from now. 

By this point your 60 minute cardio session will now become a necessity rather than a tool used to increase your deficit. 

Not only that, but you will need to increase your activity to continue losing weight. 

This is why you see individuals who literally spin their wheels day after day on their designated piece of cardio equipment without seeing any decrease in body fat.

Instead, make the most out of your cardio sessions by  pushing your intensity using HIIT workouts.

If you are looking for an added boost to your cardio sessions,  check out what our athletes are using to enhance their training.

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