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TC1|About Us

Welcome to TC1

We are a health and fitness company based in Las Vegas, NV and we strive to help our customers make healthier choices. We carefully choose the ingredients that go into our products so our customers can rest assured that any TC1 product they are using for their workouts or in their diets is good for them. We want TC1 to be a one-stop shop for everyone’s fitness journey. If you need exercise apparel, equipment, skin care products, supplements, or anything in between, we want to have a product for you.

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We are constantly expanding our product lines through our carefully planned research and development strategy. Just this past year we added our sculpting gel, greens and proteins supplement, probiotics, minerals, enzymes, and a detox blend. Our goal is to anticipate our customers’ health and fitness needs and meet those needs with the highest quality products on the market. We try to think outside traditional wellness products to give our customers what they never knew they needed.

TC1|About Us

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Do you find yourself wanting to quit halfway through your workouts? Do you lack motivation to even get started?

Try our topical pre-workout gel & sweat belt for extra motivation, better warm-ups, better recovery and extra sweat.

Your body will thank you and you will feel more accomplished each time you remove the sweat belt and see all that sweat pour out.

TC1|About Us

Whey Protein

Perfect high-protein product for individuals seeking a healthy and nutritious supplement to standard diets.
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Let's Goooo!

Superior to the shake or powder, our Pre-workout comes in pre-measured gel capsules. No prep or extra ingredients needed!

Feel Good.

Benefit your workouts and physique goals and improve overall health with every scoop.
Protein + Greens

TC1 Gels & Sweatbelts

Sweat more, burn more with our best selling workout gels & belts.
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Your new favorite gym clothes

Find TC1 leggings, sweats and more!
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Before, during, or after your workout, make sure your body is replacing these Essential Amino Acids so you can come back for more and smash those workouts!
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Did you know?

Our resident dietician Mascha Davis shares her nutrition tips for optimum performance and recovery on the blog.
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From backpacks to bands to yoga mats - shop now to get the gear you need to get the most out of your workouts.
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Sculpt your physique, build muscle, and burn fat with convenient on-demand fitness training.


“Drenched Cardio is a potent mix of boxing, dance, HIIT and more to the hottest tunes that will get your heart rate up and burn up to 1000 calories in one hour. All fitness levels are welcome!”


– Michael “Superman” Blanks