10 Exercises To Tighten Your Core


It’s common now more than ever, to hear someone desire a flat, toned, and developed midsection. Having abs is a goal sought after by many in our society and not just amongst fitness enthusiasts.

Both men and women report making a strong correlation between having visible abs and being fit.

While I would highly discourage shaping your physique solely for the members of the opposite sex, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel more confident in your own skin.

Whether you’re looking for 6 chiseled abs or just an overall tighter midsection, you want to train your core. And not just to feel sexy the next time you take your shirt off.

Your abs are responsible for more than just creating the appearance of a six-pack. Your rectus abdominis is also necessary for breathing, coughing, and bowel movements.

There are more than just aesthetic benefits to having a developed midsection.

In addition to feeling like a total babe (or stud) in a swimsuit, you’ll also experience a decrease in lower back pain, an increase in your training performance, as well as an improvement in posture from training your core regularly.

Below, we’ve shared and linked 10 ab exercises for a tighter and more developed core:


Go Beyond Crunches

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  1. Stability Ball Plank
  2. Suitcase Crunches
  3. Medicine Ball Reverse Crunch
  4. Squat with Oblique Twist
  5. Medicine Ball Slam
  6. Russian Twists
  7. Ab Rollout
  8. Captain Chair Leg Raises
  9. Cable Crunches
  10. Exercise Ball Pull-In

The Bottom Line



Keep in mind that abdominal exercises alone are unlikely to decrease belly fat.

You can work your abs all you want, but if your body fat is not low enough, you’ll simply have a layer of fat over them.

Don’t forget to get your diet in check if you’re serious about having abs.

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